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Some Tips for Wheelchair CicLAvia Participants
Posted October 05, 2010
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CicLAvia is open to ALL Angelenos and we want to make it easy and fun for everyone to participate. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for those using a wheelchair, walker or other device to help them get around.

Please comment below if we’re missing something and we’ll address it as best we can!

Arrive early. Whether you arrive via car, public transit, or some other way we haven’t thought of, arriving early is the way to go. The route won’t be in full swing and you’ll have first dibs on the open streets! If you arrive by car, you should be able to find street parking close to the route if you arrive close to the 9:00 a.m. start time.  Note that there will be traffic officers at intersections where streets are closed – the streets adjacent to the route are open only to local traffic. Let the officer know that you’re dropping off, and they’ll wave you through.
For complete rail and bus information see Metro’s website.
You may want to avoid hills. Our routes are designed to be relatively flat, but there are a few areas on the route with minor hills – nothing major. But if you’re looking to avoid hills, you might plan to stay away from these stretches.

We have port-a-potties (including wheelchair-accessible) at each of our hubs. Additional public bathrooms at city parks. If all those aren’t enough, pull into a local mom-and-pop restaurant, and they can help you out, too.

Lastly, if you have a motorized form of transport you need to use to get around, you are exempt from the CicLAvia non-motorized vehicle rule. You must have your handicapped placard with you on your transport. And, your form of transport must not be the type you have to register with the DMV. So, motorized wheelchairs, scooters or bikes are OK. A car, not OK.

We hope you come out and enjoy the day with us! For information about the latest CicLAvia, visit