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Tips for Cyclists!
Posted October 06, 2011
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Hello all you wonderful bicyclists out there! We love you!!!!

Here are some tip for all you ridazz for having an awesome CicLAvia: 

> Be nice - CicLAvia is for everyone - 8-year olds and 80-year olds. Folks will be walking and skating. CicLAvia welcomes families, beginners, on foot, on skateboard, on wheelchair, on training wheels. This isn't a race. It's not the Tour de France or the Wolfpack Hustle (and we love those, too), this is CicLAvia. Keep an eye out for slow moving traffic, pass with care (the way you want drivers to pass you every day.) Wherever CicLAvia gets really crowded, walk your bike. If you see pedestrians trying to get across CicLAvia, help them out. (If you're looking for a fast-paced workout ride, maybe take a long ride to and from CicLAvia - check our feeder ride listing.)

> Though overall the route is very flat, we had a couple of serious injuries last year on two hills. These hills are minor, and many of us bike them every day. In the interest of safety, we've instituted two MANDATORY DISMOUNT ZONES going downhill on hills. These are at: 
  • 4th Street just west of Boyle Avenue (in Boyle Heights)
  • New Hampshire just north of Beverly Blvd (in East Hollywood)
> There's valet bike parking at four locations along the route. It's free, but you know you should tip these folks! Two are provided by LACBC, one by Bikeside with BikeRoWave, and one by Downtown L.A. Bicycles.
  • El Pueblo (Main Street near Cesar Chavez)
  • LAPD HQ (across from City Hall, First Street at Main Street)
  • Little Tokyo (First Street near Central Avenue)
  • Spring Street (Spring between 3rd Street and 4th Street)
> There's roving bike repair, provided by volunteer Route Angels and by REI bike mechanic teams. There's also bike repair at each of the six hubs:

> You can bring your bike on Metro, Metrolink and Amtrak trains, but if you're within a 5-10 mile bike ride of the route - please bike it! Reserve train capacity for families and folks coming from further out. Arrive early! Many of these train cars fill up with bikes. Especially if you're not at the outer end of the line, you may wait for a train with enough room for more bikes. 

If you've never brought your bike on a Metro train before, observe these basic common courtesy instructions (full instructions online at Metro website):
  • No bikes blocking the driver's door in the front of the first car on any train. Make sure that the train operator can exit in an emergency.
  • Spread out bikes along entire platform length to ensure room for the most bikes.
  • If there is no more room for bikes, use other doors or wait for next train
  • Don't ride on the station platform or on the train.
Metrolink has new extra-capacity bike cars on all their trains this Sunday! Ride Metrolink all weekend with a $10 weekend pass.

You can also bring two bikes on each Metro bus. Bike on bus instructions here.

> We still more volunteers! Give us a couple hours, make CicLAvia great, and get a free T-shirt and spoke card. Sign up here. Pronto!

> We know you know this, but, por supuesto, lock your bike. In the past, we had a couple of bike thefts during CicLAvia (locked bikes, at the Bicycle District.)