Scoping Out Ivy Station

by Alex Merlino, Director of Finance

Earlier this week, I spoke with Tom Wulf at Ivy Station, sponsor of CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice free bike valets. Ivy Station is the newest Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) to begin construction in Culver City in 2017. TODs are vibrant, livable, sustainable communities located within a half mile of public transit. Ivy Station, consisting of a state-of-the-art office, residences, a boutique hotel, restaurants & cafés, retail and open space, is sure to become a new destination for both visitors to Culver City and local residents alike, and is located at the base of the Culver City Expo line station.


Ivy Station is committed to a bike and pedestrian-friendly design which will support multi-modal transit by connecting bike, bus, and train routes. Ivy Station will have access to 12 bus routes, and will be adding a new bike lane both north and southbound on National Boulevard!


Ivy Station will have plenty of bike parking for visitors and occupants, and will house a Metro Bike Hub on site! The Ivy Station team is literally “walking their talk” on active transportation. In addition to the fantastic bike support and infrastructure, the Ivy Station team is also promoting walking through a “walk to work” program in coordination with the onsite office employees.


Ivy Station is excited to bring these new programs to the area and is devoted to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all people taking all types of transit. At CicLAvia, this is something we can definitely get behind! Thanks again to Ivy Station for showing your multi-modal transportation by sponsoring free bike valets stations at CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice!

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  • commented 2017-12-09 06:35:41 -0800
    Investing in large public spaces and prioritizing eco-transport is a viable outlet for large cities.
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  • commented 2017-09-27 03:52:48 -0700
    Yes, I did! Thank you! I have also seen post about history of CicLAvia with a few selected pictures ( I guess the favorite ones you collect from over the past three years) at Have you seen this too?calendar Upcoming Events