What to Do at CicLAvia Culver City Meets Venice

cover_guide.jpgExploration and discovery are as much a part of CicLAvia as enjoying outdoor activity, exchanging smiles with friends and strangers, and supporting small businesses. It’s extremely gratifying when we hear people say, “I never knew this was here!” as they make their way through new neighborhoods or view their own neighborhoods in a car–free way.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you should know that CicLAvia is pretty laid-back with our events. We don’t have an official beginning or an end to a route, you can enter any point along the way, you can show up whenever you want, you can stay as long as you want, you can use any form of non-motorized transportation that you want – it’s really all about you.

The same thing goes for what you do along a route: it’s totally up to you and your family and friends. There are, though, certain things that we discover as we plan our routes, as well as groups that we bring to our events, that we really hope you take the time to check out!


To help you plan your CicLAvia day, we have an activities flyer which shows some of the cool things happening at each of our hubs and nearby. We also have a neighborhood guide which talks about the hidden history of the route, offers some cool photo op suggestions and features a unique perspective of some of the things along the route.  This route’s guide was written in part by children who attended an 826LA writing workshop with CicLAvia volunteers.

Some of the highlights of the 8/9 route include the Cirque du Soleil stop motion film booth at our Culver City hub. It debuted at our Pasadena route and was massively popular all day as people turned themselves into steampunk cyclists. 


This hub will also have all kinds of interesting and informative things from Metro: a bike safety class for people of all ages, a demonstration of how to put your bike on the front rack of a bus and a display of their new bike share kiosks.

There is so much to do in Culver City – dining, live music, art activities, tours of the historic Kirk Douglas Theatre,  – you’ll have a hard time leaving. But let’s keep going, because there is so much more to do along the route!

Sony Studios, which was once MGM Pictures, is one of the most iconic film studios in the world. As you pass by, just imagine the movie stars that went into those gates, and the world-changing films that came out of them. Not too far from here is one of the most legendary taco stops in LA – Tito’s Tacos. The lines there may be long, but the wait is well worth it.

If simplicity is more your style, bring a picnic to enjoy at the Tellefson Park Hub, close your eyes and imagine yourself 50 years ago when the space was enclosed and alive with the sounds of rollerskates of one of the most popular rollerdomes in Southern California. 


The Mar Vista Hub also offers some back to basics food opportunities with the Mar Vista farmers market, celebrating its 9thBirthdaypalooza from 9am - 3pm. The City of Los Angeles and its Great Streets program will showcase a parklet, previewing what the area could look like when it is redesigned to be more pedestrian, bike and neighborhood friendly. And not too far from the hub is the headquarters of 826LA. See firsthand where tomorrow’s authors, journalists and content providers are learning their craft as eager schoolchildren.

Finally, there’s Venice Beach. While the view of the Pacific Ocean is enough to inspire awe, thumb through your neighborhood guide and imagine the area as the premier resort destination of the West Coast 100 years ago. Huge dance halls, giant roller coasters and an interlinked series of canals complete with gondolas once thrived here.


Enjoy your day as you explore these places, and be sure to take photos of anything amazing you see along the way. Post with #CicLAvia and let us know what you discovered on your CicLAvia day!