Designing in Color's Tribute to Open Streets

We partnered with an incredible team at Designing in Color to make our birthday event, CicLAvia–Heart of LA, truly memorable (and photographable).

This collective of award-winning architects and designers created a mobile, interactive art installation titled ‘10/10: Celebrate the Streets.' It recognizes the neighborhoods we've visited together across a decade and more of open streets Sundays.

An inseparable part of the streets we navigate, the fruit cart—and its quintessential rainbow umbrella—is a symbol of community, resilience, pride, and delicious food. These designers fixated on the power of the fruit cart as an iconic symbol of CicLAvia’s love for the street. After all, what’s more LA than a fruit cart?

These abstracted fruit carts were constructed from upcycled materials and, like all things CicLAvia, meant to move freely around the two monuments to LA in the center of the installation.

Designing in Color artists understand the connection between design and equity. They know that a city’s architecture thrives on how its residents interact with it.

Our graphic designers at Place and Page LA have created the look of CicLAvia since the very beginning. Their iconic imagery is displayed on the structures, and is meant to represent the multitude of communities that our organization has reached.

This truly unique collage celebrates our history in LA and how far we've come. Now we're imagining all the places we’ve yet to go.

Designing in Color's mission "aims to diversify the way architecture is taught and practiced to amplify marginalized communities who’ve been historically silenced and erased throughout the design process." Learn more about Designing in Color and the work they do throughout Los Angeles.

It’s thanks to the incredible support from people like you that we are back on the streets again. Join our CicLAvia Street Stars to help us make this year our best yet. Make a regular donation in support of open streets in Los Angeles, and get exclusive gifts in return.

Photos: Jon Endow and Snap Yourself.