Aaron Paley - Co-Founder/Executive Director

Aaron is a co-founder and the executive director of CicLAvia. A lifelong proponent of alternative travel inside cities, he has been producing, consulting and creating events in public spaces for the past 27 years. He is the president of Community Arts Resources as well as the founder of Yiddishkayt.

Tamara O'Connor - Associate Director

Tamara is CicLAvia's associate director, and in that role manages the organization's Business Affairs, including financial, human and creative resources. Tamara also plans, organizes and directs CicLAvia's day-to-day operations, and establishes and expands relationships with stakeholders, vendors and sponsors.

Rachel Burke - Director of Production

As the director of production, Rachel is in charge of implementing all the logistics before, during and after a CicLAvia event. Rachel works closely with city departments to ensure a successful and safe CicLAvia. She also works closely with the community to make sure that their input is considered and with community partners to produce programs for the event.

Robert Gard - Director of Communications

Robert is Ciclavia’s director of communications and marketing, and in that role shapes CicLAvia’s messaging and branding to existing and emerging stakeholder audiences. Robert is actively involved with CicLAvia's social media content and community stakeholder outreach.

Malia Schilling - Event Production Assistant

Malia is CicLAvia’s Event Production Assistant. In this capacity, she supports the Director of Production in all CicLAvia production and outreach related matters, including route development, city department coordination, on-the-ground notifications, hub programming, merchandise and day-of event staffing.

Katie Bergin - Advisor

Katie is a co-founder of Community Arts Resources. She advises CicLAvia on programmatic and cultural elements.

Mary Hunter- Executive Assistant

Mary is Mr. Paley’s Executive Assistant. In this capacity, she maintains his schedule, helps to manage his correspondence, and provides general assistance to the organization when needed. Mary is also charged with developing more efficient organizational processes to maximize internal workflow.

Henny Alamillo - Volunteer Coordinator

Henny is the Volunteer Coordinator. In this capacity, she recruits, trains and manages all volunteers required for day-of and outreach efforts prior to the event. She also leads the on-the-ground outreach team in conducting notification to stakeholders along the route.

Dana Variano-Comisi - New Media Specialist

Dana is CicLAvia's New Media Specialist. In this capacity, she uses new media and creative activism to encourage online and physical engagement in the CicLAvia community. She also runs CicLAvia's extensive social media platforms.