CicLAvia 2023 Season Launch Party and LA Aleworks Collaboration

CicLAvia has partnered with Los Angeles Ale Works to kick off the 2023 season and launch a beer collaboration with a West Coast IPA affectionately named: seek-la-VEE-ah.

Save the Date 2023


You asked and we delivered.

🎉The entire 2023 CicLAvia Sunday schedule is here! We have been steadily increasing the number of annual events since 2010 and we're proud to bring you MORE events than ever before. Double the number from 2022.

Introducing CicLAmini

This year we are excited to launch CicLAmini – compact neighborhood routes. A CicLAmini is a more pedestrian-oriented experience featuring activities sprinkled along the entire 1-2 mile open street event. Expect things like self-guided walking tours, scavenger hunts, street games, local business engagements, and art and cultural activities for all-ages.

CicLAvia 2022 Year in Review

This past year provided the opportunity for tens of thousands of Angelenos to walk, run, and roll through the neighborhoods of South LA, East Hollywood, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Echo Park, Downtown LA, and Boyle Heights during 4 CicLAvia open street events. We've got lots more planned for 2023, but first, let's take a look back at all we accomplished together in 2022.

South LA Recap Blog

It was a crisp, December morning on the streets of South LA when the 42nd CicLAvia Sunday kicked off with remarks by CicLAvia Executive Director, Romel Pascual. Before passing it off to LA’s 42nd Mayor, Eric Garcetti, Romel acknowledged that it was also his last CicLAvia as Mayor of Los Angeles. Romel thanked him for his longtime support and said, “Mayor Garcetti was there from the very beginning. When CicLAvia started in 2010 he was the president of the city council and he took the leadership and said, ‘Why not … why can't the city of LA have the same type of experiences around people powered mobility, open streets, no cars on the road for one day, like the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, and Mexico City?’”

Local Gems: South LA - Expo Park <—> Watts

CicLAvia is back with our final event of the year! Join us on Sunday, December 4th, from 9am - 3pm to celebrate open streets in South LA! This 7.25 mile route will explore the neighborhoods of Exposition Park, Vermont Square, Historic South Central, Central-Alameda, Florence-Graham, and Watts.

Heart of LA Recap Blog

The central or innermost part of something; the heart. The first CicLAvia-Heart of LA was over 10 years ago and connected dozens of LA’s historic locations and sights. Hundreds of miles of open streets later, CicLAvia-Heart of LA has played a key role in showing Angelenos the beauty of the city, outside of a car.

What You Can See in the Heart of LA

We are opening seven miles of streets on Sunday, October 9, 2022. Find art, architecture, city landmarks, and a lot of food across the CicLAvia—Heart of LA route! There will be things to see everywhere, but we’re highlighting a select few that you may not want to miss.

Local Gems: Meet the Hollywoods

Across almost 7 miles of West Hollywood, Hollywood, and East Hollywood, there is a LOT to see and do both on and just off the CicLAvia route. Take a look at some of the highlights here, but it's far from an exhaustive list. One of the best parts of an open streets event is discovering the things you would never notice if you sped past in a car. From neighborhood restaurants and shops to murals and scenic views, there is so much you can see when you walk, or skate or bike, or pedicab ride along by it.

Explore the streets at your own pace and you'll likely stumble upon something new to you!

CivSalon: Innovation and Safe Streets

On July 20, 2022, we hosted a new CivSalon discussion on how innovation can make our streets safer and more equitable. Our friends at Motional sponsored the event, and the panelists (and members of the audience) grappled with a fundamental question: What does a city that supports car-free and car-reduced commuting really look like?

Speaking on the panel were Nicholas Greif from Motional, a partner in the push for more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly streets in Los Angeles; Melisa Walk of Pacoima Beautiful, a community advocate piloting electric bike share opportunities; Michael Uribe from Blu LA powered by Blink Mobility, a leader in cleaner, greener transportation options; and Hilary Norton of both the California Transportation Commission and FASTLinkDTLA, who is shaping mobility in downtown LA.