Partner Spotlight: Pick My Solar

In our new series, we'll be highlighting the partners that make CicLAvia happen. Digital Manager Dana Variano sat down with Chris Blevins, Founder and COO of Pick My Solar, and chatted a bit about their reflections on 2016.


Road to CicLAvia - Lunch in SELA

by Ronnie Takkens, CicLAvia blogger

One of my favorite parts of CicLAvia is exploring new places for lunch or a fast snack. Fortunately, Southeast Los Angeles offers plenty of options! Here are just a few places where I've enjoyed lunch on my Road to CicLAvia, but believe me: there are many more amazing places to discover!

Road to CicLAvia - Greenspan's

by Aaron Paley, CicLAvia producer

I visited Evan Greenspan at his eponymous store earlier this year on Tweedy Mile. Evan is the third generation in his family to keep Greenspan's in continuous operation since it started in Watts in 1928 and then moved to its present location in South Gate in 1939. As soon as I crossed the threshold, I knew I was home.


Road to CicLAvia - El Cielito Café

As far as I’m concerned, biking and coffee go hand in hand. So when I’m riding my bike and I see (or smell) a small coffeehouse, I usually hop off my bike and check it out. Last week I ended up at El Cielito Café in South Gate, which was opened just nine months ago by Daniel Olivares.

Road to CicLAvia - The Watts Towers

by Ronnie Takkens, CicLAvia blogger

17 tower structures, the highest 99.5 ft. high, all handmade by one man, decorated with sea shells from Long Beach and tiles from Malibu Potteries, strengthened with clothing hangers: these are the amazing Watts Towers built by Simon Rodia between 1921 and 1954.

Road to CicLAvia - Chill Out in the Park

by Ronnie Takkens

The next CicLAvia is coming up on Sunday, May 15, 2016, and will be connecting six communities in the Southeast Cities. Nearly 10 miles of roads will be closed to car traffic, so a lot of car-free riding, skating or whatever-you-like awaits! We all know CicLAvia is not just about riding the route: it’s all about having a good time, hanging out with friends and family, and meeting other people. I often find that one of the best ways to do this might not even be on my bike, but when I get off.


Road to CicLAvia - Plaza del Valle

by Ronnie Takens

After volunteering for CicLAvia and attending just one CicLAvia before (CicLAvia - Heart of LA on October 18 of last year) I was really honoured when the executive director of CicLAvia asked me - just a regular guy from The Netherlands living in Los Angeles for just a half year - to go out and explore the route of the next CicLAvia. “You bike everywhere around town”, Romel told me, "so just get on your bike, bring your camera and bring us some stories of places along the CicLAvia route! The Road to CicLAvia!”

Road to CicLAvia - Mural Mile

by Clarke Miranda, Outreach Lead

I've been out on the route for CicLAvia - The Valley doing our second round of route notification the past few weeks, eating lots of burritos and looking at lots of murals. I love San Fernando Mural Mile, so I took some time last week (with super volunteer Ryan) to snap a few photos of some of my favorites.

Learn more about Mural Mile here!

Ride Hard: Using Endorphins for Art-Making

Guest blog post by Shannon Huang, Ryman Arts, and Tati Simonian, Grand Park

October is a great time of month for the arts. It’s National Arts & Humanities month, the month of the Inktober initiative, of The Big Draw, and most significant for Southern California, it’s the month of The Big Draw LA hosted by Los Angeles based non-profit, Ryman Arts.


The Big Draw LA is a series of drawing activities where the public – people of all ages and abilities – makes art at a wide variety of venues — from museums and parks to unique locations in neighborhoods. These events are organized and led by community-based organizations across the region. The Big Draw LA is linked to The Big Draw – the national festival that is taking place in over 20 countries of communities hosting art events during the month of October.

A CicLAvia Love Connection

Love is a word we hear a lot at CicLAvia. People love the freedom of car-free streets. They love the neighborhoods they've never visited. Sights, sounds, aromas and adventures: all loved. But, as we look back at our eighth CicLAvia on October 6, 2013 as part of the countdown to our 15th event on October 18, we find a different, deeper love. The kind of love that comes but once in a lifetime.