Metro Launches Free Bike Safety Classes

Many people experience LA streets by bike the first time when they participate in CicLAvia. Sure, they may ride their cruisers from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach, or they may hit some intense trails up in the mountains, but riding on LA city streets is a “risk” that many people avoid taking. However, in the safe setting of CicLAvia people feel confident and secure enough to explore the city by bike. As safe as CicLAvia is, we still stress safe riding behaviors at CicLAvia on our website, on social media and with signs along the route.

Open Streets Beyond Los Angeles

CicLAvia will return to the Westside for the first time since 2013 in a little more than a month with our CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro route on August 9. Since our last visit to Culver City and Venice, we have held open streets events across LA County: on iconic Wilshire Boulevard, in historic neighborhoods in South LA and below the foothills that distinguish the gateway to the Valley. 

CicLAvia and Culver City Team Up for a Return to the Westside

CicLAvia is pleased to announce that Culver City and Venice will be the coolest spots of the summer when CicLAvia returns to the Westside for the first time since 2013. CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro takes place from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 9.

CicLAvia Seeks New Executive Director

CicLAvia, the most successful open streets organization in North America, is moving into its next phase as co-founder and Executive Director Aaron Paley has announced plans to focus on the event production aspect of CicLAvia. The CicLAvia board of directors has launched a search for a new Executive Director who will work with Paley in his new role as Executive Producer and the rest of the CicLAvia team as the organization continues with its strategic plan towards expanded growth and organizational sustainability.

Applicants may apply online by clicking the button at the end of this announcement.

The Sounds of CicLAvia


Silence blankets CicLAvia but you never hear anyone talk about it.  We live in a city of rumbles and grumbles.  The rumbles of cars and trucks grinding along miles of city streets.  Fumes pumping from the exhausts of vehicles driven by people who fume and grumble over being stuck on those streets, physically miles from home and mentally miles from each other, even though only separated by thin layers of metal and glass. That is the noise we deal with every day. Every day but CicLAvia Sunday.

Metro Awards CicLAvia $2.35 Million for New Routes

CicLAvia Routes Receive $2.35 Million in Funding from Metro as Part of an Expansion of Car-Free, Open Streets Events Throughout Los Angeles County

Funds for Routes in East LA, Pasadena, Southeast Cities, Culver City and The Valley


#CicLAvia Visual History


Did you see the CicLAvia visual history? It's gorgeous. And the feedback has been so encouraging. In fact, since launching we got a flood of photos from supporters. 

Have You Seen Our Story?


Recently, a CicLAvia supporter emailed us a link to a bunch of awesome photos from past events. Community members love to share their pictures with us, but these photos were different.


Meet Exceptional Volunteers Dylan and Jose

1. Tell us a bit about yourselves (school, hobbies, other activities/organizations you are involved with?)

 I'm a Los Angeles based Biker and I ride fixed gear. I make sandwiches for a living at Subway so I guess you could say I'm a good catch for any girl who enjoys sandwiches. When I'm not working, I like to bike miles after mile all over LA and volunteer. 

CicLAvia Appears on National Geographic's List of Top 10 Must-Do's for June

Earlier this month, National Geographic's Intellegent Travel listed CicLAvia as the third must-do event in their "10 Must-Dos in June" article.