Meet Jon L., a CicLAvia Volunteer Lead!

Tell us a bit about your background.
I'm a relative newcomer to California and Los Angeles, having moved here from Florida in 2008. I'm an Information Technology professional and freelance business consultant, with a background in *nix systems administration and data center storage/networking infrastructure. I live in NELA and I love seeing parts of the city I'm not as familiar with.

Meet Janice - the CicLAvia Volunteer with Spirit!


Tell us a bit about your background:

I am a native of Tallahassee, Florida. I have been in California over 25 years; I graduated from University of LaVerne with a Bachelor and Master Degree.  I have volunteered all of my life but wasn’t aware it known as volunteering. It is something I enjoy giving back to all communities and caring for others. 

Profile of a CicLAvia Volunteer


Tell us a little about your background

I was born and grew up in Los Angeles during the 50s and 60s, the second of ten children. I went to nursing school in San Francisco and Baltimore and helped start one of the first free clinics in the US, in Washington, D.C. I was really drawn to work in public health since I was convinced that the environment and conditions in neighborhoods that were the biggest contributors to poor health and poor quality of life.  I went to graduate school in public health nursing at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill while I worked in a rural area as the public health nurse. I came home in the late 80s and worked for many years as a public health nurse before my retirement in 2011. I ride my bike every day for exercise, recreation, and errands. It seemed like a natural fit to look for volunteer opportunities to promote biking and that led me to the LA County Bicycle Coalition and CicLAvia. 


CicLAvia Helps Local Business! Find Out How Here

If you own a business on or near the April 21st route, offer some type of discount (like two for one, 15% off, souvenir, etc.) to attract CicLAvia participants to your business during the day of the event, Metro will promote your business on the day of the event for FREE on the Metro CicLAvia Destination Discounts webpage (currently being promoted throughout Metro's social media outlets weekly). Wow! What an opportunity for huge exposure! Don't worry, businesses don't need to be directly on the route to participate. Next steps? Decide on the level of discount you want to offer, then please email:

CicLAvia 2013

CicLAvia unveils THREE event dates in 2013: April 21st, June 23rd and October 6th

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Allan_Alessio-4155.jpgCicLAvia Volunteer Profile: Allan Alessio

1. Tell us a bit about your background

 I've been riding ever since I can remember actually.  I remember my father letting go of my bike after the training wheels came off, and haven't looked back since.

L.A. Weekly's CicLAvia Cover Story


The latest issue of the L.A. Weekly - April 6-12 2012 - has a cover story all about how CicLAvia got rolling and what to expect. It's titled Viva CicLAvia and it's by Hillel Aron.

CicLAvia Wins Downtowner of Distinction Award


Downtown_Award_12Feb21_2626_lk-1847.jpg-1847.jpgThis week's Downtown News honored CicLAvia with one of its Downtowners of Distinction Awards. CicLAvia is in great company among the nine projects that have made their "surrounding community... a better place in which to live, work or visit."

Introducing CicLAvia Walks!


CicLAvia Walks is an invitation to discover the riches of Los Angeles – its history, ecology, architecture, creativity, and playful happenstance. We hope that you will use CicLAvia as an opportunity to explore our great city from a new perspective and at a leisurely pace. 

Three DON'Ts for CicLAvia 10.9.2011


CicLAvia is pretty free-form... there aren't a lot of rules. But we do want to give you, dear participant, three important DON'Ts.