Three DON'Ts for CicLAvia 10.9.2011


CicLAvia is pretty free-form... there aren't a lot of rules. But we do want to give you, dear participant, three important DON'Ts.

1. DON'T hassle slow-moving participants.
CicLAvia is for everyone: pedestrians, wheelchairs, skaters, bicyclists. CicLAvia welcomes beginners. If you're a cyclist who's wanting to get in your killer workout going really rapido, you might do a fast ride to CicLAvia, then chill while you're there, then ride fast to get home. If you find yourself behind a 4-year-old on a tricycle, just say "Hi! How's it going?" and make your way carefully around. If your wheelchair is rolling muy fast, don't slam into that pedestrian who's walking along checking out the architectureDON'T be in a hurry. It's CicLAvia, definitely not a race. Use common sense: be nice, be chill... enjoy. And, slower-moving folks: try to do your part, too - be aware of what's going on around you, and make room for faster-moving participants to pass.

2. DON'T pack a lunch.
CicLAvia works because of the graciousness of the businesses and residents along the route. It's important that CicLAvia participants spend money on the route. Please buy water and other beverages. Spend money. Lots of money. Please show up early and buy breakfast, then break for lunch, then desert and maybe a snack, too. Buy postcards, trinkets, etc. Maybe even check out a museum (or just a museum gift shop!) 

Many business owners are worried about losing their car-customers that day, so please thank them for hosting CicLAvia and please make it a good sales day for them. The only difficult thing about this is choosing where to stop, because there are lots of great places to eat on the route! and even more with the new Chinatown extension!

3. DON'T block emergency vehicle access.
One of the big important rules that's called out in our permits is that we need keep the street open for emergency vehicles. That means in the street, there are no tables, no chairs, no stages, no ironing boards, no barbecues, no ice-chests, no half-pipes, no Eiffel Tower replicas... you get the picture. If you're going to bring your Eiffel Tower replica, put it on wheels! Or carry it, and when you stop, keep it at the curb or on the sidewalk.