Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Thomas Kiely, Route Angel and Overall Go-Getter!

This month we are very happy to highlight one of our youngest super volunteers, Thomas Kiely. This young man joined our volunteer team in July of 2016. Since then Thomas has been one of our trusted Route Angels and an office volunteer. His flexibility and willingness to explore new roles has made him one of our super volunteers!

Read more below to hear Thomas' take on CicLAvia!


Volunteer Spotlight: Justine Saquilayan Carleton, Outreach and Hub Angel

There are smiles out there that are so contagious it's almost impossible not to smile when caught in their line of sight. One of our super volunteers, Justine radiates more than just her smile but also her passion for CicLAvia and her love of her community. 

Meet Justine Saquilayan Carleton, one of our Super Volunteers! We met her in the summer of 2015 for the first Culver meets Venice route. She and her husband Timothy came in to the office to help us with Data Entry. She's been with us every step of the way since. 

We're very happy to highlight this wonderful volunteer angel for this month's volunteer spotlight!


Volunteer Spotlight: Tony Fonseca, Digital Media Volunteer

We are definitely a lucky bunch here at CicLAvia. We have such a fantastic group of inspiring volunteers that work hard to support the mission of CicLAvia. 

One of those volunteers is Tony, our digital media volunteer who's been working closely with our digital media team since summer 2016. You may recognize him as one of the #RoadtoCicLAvia guides: he works to identify local businesses and points of interest along our upcoming routes, and films them on Instagram and Snapchat with our digital team. You may also have seen him on our website, modeling the coolest LA swag around. 


Tony feeding the ducks on the Venice Canals

Take a read and learn why he decided to volunteer with CicLAvia!

Volunteer Spotlight: Gabriel Bang, Office Volunteer


In the summer of 2016, CicLAvia staff met Gabriel Bang who is a Los Angeles Native and current resident of Downtown Los Angeles. Gabe approached volunteering with CicLAvia with an eagerness and willingness to help that was contagious. He's been volunteering in our office since then, helping with research, Road to CicLAvia posts, data entry, and more. Find out more about Gabe, and his take on volunteering with CicLAvia!

Volunteer of the Month: July 2015

July 2015

Keith Martin

Crossing Angel/ Adopt-an-Intersection Group Leader / Super Volunteer


Volunteers of the Month: May & June 2015

May 2015

MOM Ridaz

Adopt-an-Intersection Group


APRIL 2015 // VOLUNTEERS OF THE MONTH: Zachary Rynew & Trent Whittaker



 Trent Whittaker & Zachary Rynew 

(Outreach Angels)

CicLAvia had over 500 volunteers for the CicLAvia - The Valley route for pre, during and post event. Volunteers played such a crucial role during our outreach into the communities and neighborhoods surrounding The Valley route. We give thanks to each and every volunteer that put into time into making CicLAvia - The Valley possible. We'd especially like to acknowledge two  volunteers who went above and beyond their respective roles to demonstrate "Valley Pride" through volunteering. 


Big Thanks to our South LA Adopt-an-Intersection Groups!


As you rode through CicLAvia: South LA, you probably thanked our hardworking volunteers at our crossing points along the route. These groups were all part of our Adopt-an-Intersection program for the South LA event. Each group is based within the area and has a direct influence or impact to the community along the route. Through this program, groups are able to partner with CicLAvia and assist in our efforts to provide a fun and safe environment on a car-free street day. As a group they have a strong presence at CicLAvia and have the opportunity to show their support for open streets and additionally share information about their organization and cause. 

Thank you Heart of LA Adopt-an-Intersection Groups!


 We would like thank the following groups that helped and supported our crossing and dismount points for CicLAvia - Heart of LA on Sunday October 5. The following 18 groups consisted of alumni associations, corporate volunteers, youth groups, high school students, non-profit organizations, bicycle clubs and groups of friends.

Superb Angel, Jeri-lee M!



Meet our Superb CicLAvia Angel, Jeri-lee Mendiola!