Volunteer of the Month: July 2015

July 2015

Keith Martin

Crossing Angel/ Adopt-an-Intersection Group Leader / Super Volunteer


Meet Keith Martin, a long time CicLAvia veteran and super volunteer who has been volunteering with us since early 2010. 

Keith first heard about CicLAvia through a friend at KCRW who recommended he check it out and volunteer. Even with his extensive repertoire as a super volunteer for East Side Riders Bike club, Huntington Library and Garden Bonsai Pavillion and Beyond Baroque Literary Center, as well as serving as a board member of Clinica Romero and the Descanso Gardens Bonsai Society, he was curious to discover more. Keith was impressed by what CicLAvia wanted to offer Los Angeles: a chance to break down the segregation caused by the freeways, and help people see their city and meet new people. 

Early on, Keith volunteered with the Board of Directors to do outreach and help scout routes for 2013. On the day of every CicLAvia, he's a steady and energetic Crossing Angel. Since 10/10/10, he hasn't missed a single CicLAvia yet! Armed with his Mardi Gras headdress, his yellow CicLAvia shirt, orange vest, red foam hand, and a megaphone, he is an expert at reminding participants to "slow down and stay to the right." Anyone who has been to a CicLAvia has certainly received a high five and good vibes from this man. 

This past CicLAvia, Keith brought on a team of volunteers from Beyond Baroque to adopt an intersection at CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice. While participants waited at a crossing point, he and his team of volunteers read them poetry and excerpts from books to give them a taste of what Beyond Baroque has to offer. It was an amazing way to combine both of his passions: car-free streets and literature. 

Keith currently works as a social worker at the outpatient substance abuse treatment program for Schizophrenic patients at Veterans Affairs. He's also the City Commissioner on the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center Authority.

We asked Keith what he wishes other people knew about CicLAvia:

"CicLAvia is a state of mind, it’s a place you go to have peace and feel the love of the people who live in your city. You cannot see or feel this when you are in your car or your house or visiting places in the city. CicLAvia allows everyone to soar aloft, to break free from the overdevelopment of LA and feel recreation and community at the same time. CicLAvia gives Angelenos a new opportunity to experience the city’s streets and neighborhoods in a way they have never seen before. It happens brand new at each CicLAvia" 

Please join us in congratulating Keith Martin on being CicLAvia Volunteer of the Month!