Working with Neighborhood Councils for CicLAvia Success in 2011


CicLAvia works closely with the Neighborhood Councils along and near the route. Last year, we reached out to variouscouncils, introducing many folks to the CicLAvia concept, and receiving endorsements and letters of support. Lately, we’re returning to check in with our NC partners. So far we have presented to the East Hollywood, Boyle Heights, and MacArthur Park Neighborhood Councils. One common theme that has run through these diverse constituencies is their enthusiasm about CicLAvia.

Many Council members participated in last October’s event.  The president of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council (the first NC to endorse CicLAvia!) exclaimed that it one of the single best experiences he has had in Los Angeles.

In meeting with Councils, CicLAvia  is both making sure that they’re aware of upcoming 2011 CicLAvias planned forApril 10thJuly 10th, and October 9th –  and also receiving input on how we can improve the event. Although we have encountered almost unanimous support, some concerns were raised. Members of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council felt that certain streets were not properly notified about street closures and that better outreach could have been done to business along the route. The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council had many ideas about future spurs extending the route into East Los Angeles. Many members are looking forward to participating in the Boyle Heights route planning meetings.

We’re taking this feedback into account as we plan for the upcoming events and we hope to address neighborhood concerns. We also intend to keep communication lines open with the Neighborhood Councils in the future, so we can ensure that CicLAvia is serving community needs.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be presenting to the Rampart Village, Koreatown, and Downtown Neighborhood Councils. If you would like a presentation to your council or community group please feel free to contact us – email requests to info [at] . If you have feedback about making CicLAvia better, please comment below or email us!