CicLAvia Gives

Connecting rides to the families who need them.

CicLAvia Gives

ciclavia_gives_10.pngThere are kids in Los Angeles today whose first memory is riding a tricycle down Spring Street, looking up at the amazing architecture of downtown. They’ve grown up with CicLAvia, from stroller to tricycle, from training wheels to bike. They're the new generation, and the generation that will shape LA’s sustainable future. Like CicLAvia, many of our kids are at the next step. It’s time for a new ride. One that will transport them around CicLAvia, and throughout the city they love. But we all know how expensive "big kid" wheels can be.

CicLAvia Gives is a program which began in November 2015 which outfits kids with rides (along with helmets and lights)  throughout Los Angeles County. CicLAvia believes that every child deserves a ride that’s their size, so that they can experience the joy of open streets, and be able to explore their neighborhood in a whole new way. 

How to Participate

Since 2010, CicLAvia has opened up more than 100 miles of streets for millions of Angelenos to explore. CicLAvia is LA's route to the future. Let's ensure that all kids have the opportunity to ride.

Nominations for this round of CicLAvia Gives are being received from our community partners.

Want to get in on the love? You can give, too! 

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