CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice presented by Metro

CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice presented by Metro

CicLAvia heads back to one of our fan-favorite routes for the first event of 2017! On March 26, Culver City, Mar Vista, and Venice will host the country’s largest open streets event! Streets will be closed to cars and open for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and skaters to use as a recreational space.

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New to CicLAvia? Here are some things you need to know for March 26:

  • CicLAvia is FREE!
  • CicLAvia lasts from 9 AM until 4 PM
  • CicLAvia closes streets to car traffic and opens them for people to walk, skate, bike, play, and explore parts of Los Angeles.
  • CicLAvia is not a race! There's no starting point or finish line - begin where you like and enjoy the day your way.
  • CicLAvia traffic flows in two directions, just like regular traffic. Check out some more safety tips.

Questions or Concerns

General event information: please contact CicLAvia at 213.355.8500 or

For concerns regarding the Culver City street closure permit, contact the Culver City Engineering Division at 310.253.5600.

For concerns regarding the Los Angeles street closure permit, contact LA Bureau of Street Services, Investigation and Enforcement Division, Special Events at 213.847.6000. 

Live/Work Along the Route

If you live/work along the route and would like more information about how CicLAvia will affect your neighborhood on March 26, please download the CicLAvia route notification flyer. The flyer has information about the streets that will be closed, parking restriction and parking options for residents and employees of local businesses.

Download Notification Flyer

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Street Closures

The route will be closed to vehicles from 8:00am to approximately 6:00pm on Sunday, March 26.

Parking Restrictions

NO PARKING will be allowed from 1:00am–6:00pm on Sunday, March 26 on Wilshire Blvd between Grand Ave and Western Ave. Parking restrictions will be enforced and vehicles will be towed beginning at 1:00am. Additional street parking near the route may be restricted. Please check posted parking restrictions in your neighborhood.

Vehicle Access

NO VEHICLES are allowed on the route between 8:00am and approximately 6:00pm. There are crossing points at several intersections where vehicles can cross along route .

Driveway Access

Please be aware that all driveways on the route will be blocked and inaccessible beginning at 8:00am on Sunday, March 26. If your vehicle is parked in your driveway and you need to use it after 8:00am on March 26, please park elsewhere as the vehicle will be inaccessible until approximately 6:00pm. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter or exit the route during this time.

Bus Detours

All buses that usually run along the CicLAvia route will be detoured. Please check and bus stops for detour information closer to the event date.

Parking Reimbursement

If you are a resident or business directly on the route, CicLAvia can reimburse you up to $20 per vehicle for any parking costs you incur from 8:00pm on Saturday, March 25 through 6:00pm on Sunday, March 26. For reimbursement, mail a copy of your parking receipt and proof of residence or employment to CicLAvia, 525 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013.


Join the CicLAvia Angel Volunteer Team! 

Join our volunteer team for the upcoming CicLAvia - Culver City meets Venice. There are several volunteer opportunities where you can contribute to help create those smiles and good times along the open-streets! 

Click below on the our available volunteer opportunities!

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Getting to the Route & Parking

Click on an item below for more information on getting to the CicLAvia route and parking:

Go Metro

This CicLAvia, why not Go Metro? You can use this helpful Metro Trip Planner to coordinate your route!

Note: The closest lot to the CicLAvia route is Culver City Station, but please note the parking lot at this station is closed for construction. The closest station to the eastern end of the route with parking is La Cienega/Jefferson.

Culver City Station

Station exits onto route and is 0.6 miles from Downtown Culver City hub. Station parking lot is closed for construction.


  • Exit Culver City Station and head east
  • Turn right toward Washington Blvd
  • Turn right onto Washington Blvd
  • Head west until you arrive at the Downtown Culver City Hub

Palms Station

Station is 0.7 miles from Downtown Culver City hub. Station has no parking.


  • Exit Palms Station and head east on National Blvd toward Palms Blvd
  • Continue onto Exposition Blvd
  • Turn Right onto Bagley Ave
  • Continue onto Main St until you arrive at the Downtown Culver City Hub

Westwood/Rancho Park Station

Station is 2.3 miles from Tellefson Park hub. Station has no parking.


  • Head southeast on Westwood Blvd toward Exposition Blvd
  • Turn right onto Glendon Ave
  • Turn right onto Queensland St
  • Continue onto Ellenda Ave
  • Turn right onto Ellenda Pl
  • Turn left onto Kelton Ave
  • Turn right onto Regent St
  • Turn Left onto Military Ave
  • Continue onto Huron Ave
  • Turn right onto Matteson Ave
  • Turn Left onto Tilden Ave
  • Turn right onto Washington Pl and head west until you'll arrive at the Tellefson Park Hub

Expo/Sepulveda Station

Station is 2.3 miles from Tellefson Park hub. Station has 260 parking spaces.


  • Exit Expo / Sepulveda Station and head east on Exposition Blvd toward S Sepulveda Blvd
  • Turn right onto S Sepulveda Blvd
  • Turn left onto Venice Blvd
  • Turn right onto Bentley Ave
  • Turn left onto Washington Pl and head east until you'll arrive at the Tellefson Park Hub

26th St/Bergamot Station

Station is 4.6 miles from Mar Vista Farmers Market hub. Station has no parking.


  • Exit 26th St / Bergamot Station and head northeast on Exposition Corridor Bike Path toward Stewart St
  • Slight left to stay on Exposition Corridor Bike Path
  • Turn right onto Gateway Blvd
  • Slight left onto Granville Ave
  • Turn right onto Radio Dr
  • Turn left onto Burkshire Ave
  • Continue onto Inglewood Blvd
  • Turn left onto Navy St
  • Turn right onto Stoner Ave
  • Turn left onto Federal Ave
  • Turn right onto W Charnock Rd
  • Turn left onto S Barry Ave
  • Turn onto Venice Blvd
  • Make a U-turn at S Centinela Ave and you’ll arrive at the Mar Vista Farmers Market Hub

17th St/SMC Station

Station is 3.2 miles from Venice hub. Station has 67 parking spaces.


  • Exit 17th St / SMC Station and head northeast on Colorado Ave
  • Make a U-turn
  • Turn left toward Main St
  • Turn left onto Main St
  • Enter the traffic circle and you’ll arrive at the Venice Hub

Metrolink (Union Station)

Station is 2.3 miles from Downtown Culver City hub. Station has ample parking.


  • Exit Metrolink and head west to Union Station
  • Take the Metro Purple Line (805) to 7th St / Metro Center stop
  • Transer to Metro Expo Line (806) and take to Culver City Station
  • Exit Culver City Station and head east
  • Turn right toward Washington Blvd
  • Turn right onto Washington Blvd
  • Head west until you arrive at the Downtown Culver City Hub


Use ParkMe to find a lot near you!

Downtown Culver City

  •  ***The parking lot at the Culver City Metro station will be under construction during CicLAvia. The closest Expo station with parking is La Cienega and Jefferson***
  • Cardiff Parking Structure - 3846 Cardiff Ave. Culver City, CA 90232 (parking structure - 8 ft. clearance)
  • Culver Medical Plaza Public Parking - 3831 Hughes Ave. Culver City, CA 90232 (parking structure - 6 ft. clearance)
  • INCE Parking Structure - 9099 Washington Blvd. Culver City CA 90232 (parking structure - 8 ft. clearance)
  • Watseka Parking - 3844 Watseka Ave. Culver City, CA 90232 (parking structure - 8 ft. clearance)

Marina del Rey

  • Via Marina & Marquesas Way - 14130 Marquesas Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (open air lot)

Abbot Kinney

  • California and Electric (Lot 616) - 580 California Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Dell and Venice (Lot 701) - 2150 Dell Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Milwood and Electric (Lot 617) - 1511 Electric Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)


  • Imperial Parking Industries - 42 N. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 (parking structure)
  • Pacific and 17th - 1682 Pacific Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Pacific and Windward (Lot 761) - 1608 S Pacific Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Pisani and Venice (Lot 613) - 2010 S Pisani Place Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Rose and Navy - 299 Ocean Front Walk Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Speedway and Market - 28 Market St. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Speedway and Sunset Ct. - 607 Speedway Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Speedway and Venice - 5 N. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Speedway and Windward - 31 Windward Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Venice and Pacific (Lot 731) - 200 N. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Venice Beach Parking - 2108 Pacific Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)
  • Washington Blvd. / Venice Pier - 1 W. Washington Blvd. Venice, CA 90291 (open air lot)


Want to ride a bike, rollerblades, or skateboard on CicLAvia but don't own one? No problem. Here are several bike & skate shops that we know of that offer rentals. Be sure to call ahead and pay for your reservation in advance, because rentals definitely sell out.

P.S. Bikes are not required to participate! You can walk, run, skate, scoot, pedicab, rollerblade - or use anything else that is people-powered - to join in!

Rent a Bike for CicLAvia

Near the Route

Bike Delivery

  • Synaptic Cycles - Los Angeles road bike rentals, delivered to your door for free. (310) 925-3969

Tellefson Park Hub

  • Abba Padre - 0.4 miles from the hub. Closed on Sundays, but open for rentals on Saturdays. 4219 Sepulveda Blvd. #A, Culver City, CA 90230; (310) 390-5203

Downtown Culver City Hub

  • Palms Cycle - 0.8 miles from the hub. 3770 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034; (310) 838- 9644

Mar Vista Farmers Market Hub

  • LA Brakeless - 404 feet from the hub. 12220 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066; (310) 313-6300
  • The Recyclist Bike Shop - 0.1 miles from the hub. 12220 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066; (310) 864-3780

Venice Hub

  • Bike Curious Rentals - 0.1 miles from the hub. 34 Windward Ave., Venice, CA 90291 ; Call or text (310) 702-2823
  • Jays Rentals Venice Beach - 0.2 miles from the hub. 1501 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291; (310) 392-7306
  • Spokes N Stuff - 0.8 miles from the hub. The Inn at Venice Beach, 327 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90291; (310) 439-7276
  • Venice Bike & Skates - 0.8 miles from the hub. 21 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292; (310) 301-4011. First come, first served.
  • Boardwalk Skate & Surf - 0.9 miles from the hub. 201 1/2 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291; (310) 450-6634
  • The Bicycle Whisperer - 1.0 miles from the hub. 724 Vernon Ct., Venice, CA 90291; (310) 612-1409
  • Perry's Cafe -1.3 miles from the hub. 3100 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90292; (310) 823-6730. Venice Beach at end of Washington Blvd.
  • Perry's Cafe - 2.0 miles from the hub. 2500 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90293; (310) 823-1453. Venice Beach at end of North Venice Blvd.

Throughout LA County

Long Beach

Santa Monica

  • Santa Monica Bike Center - 1555 2nd Street, Unit A, Santa Monica, CA 90401; (310) 656-8500
  • Spokes N Stuff - 1700 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401; (310) 3995-4748
  • Cynergy Cycles - 2300 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404; (310) 857-1500
  • WestSide Bicycles - 700 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401; (310) 576-9900
  • Santa Monica Beach Bicycle Rentals - 1428 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401; (310) 428-5337
  • Bike Attack Santa Monica - 2400 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405; (310) 581-8014
  • Bicycle Ambulance - 2212 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405; (310) 395-5026
  • Blazing Saddles - 320 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401; (310) 393-9778
  • Bikes and Hikes LA - 8250 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046; (323) 796-8555. Rentals include helmet, safety vest, lock and map of LA.

Marina Del Ray

Downtown / Central LA

  • Just Ride L.A. - 1626 S. Hill Street (at Venice Blvd), Los Angeles, CA 90015; (213) 745-6783. In order to ensure availability, please reserve up to 3 days in advance. Also offers locks and helmets.
  • DTLA Bikes - 425 S. Broadway (at 4th St), Los Angeles, CA 90013; (213) 533-8000 Fleet of 200+ bikes ready to ride! Also offers helmets.
  • El Maestro Bicycle Shop - 806 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90014; (213) 627-0580
  • LA Golden Bicycles – 4001 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010; (213) 739-9911
  • I. Martin Bicycles - 8330 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90048; (323) 653-6900
  • Speedworkz - 3110 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90026; (323) 369-9036
  • Coco’s Variety Store - 2427 Riverside Drive., Silverlake; (323) 664-7400 

Metro Bikeshare

Metro Bikeshare is live in DTLA! 60 + Metro Bike Share stations are located all over downtown; download the Metro Bike app to locate a station near you!

Map of all Bikeshare Stations

Northeast LA

  • Flying Pigeon - 3714 N. Figueroa (at Marmion Way), Highland Park; (213) 909-8986
  • Lincoln Heights Cycle, 3422 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031; (323) 221-2670
  • Bike Oven, 3706 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065; (626) 357-6799
  • Bicycle Doctor, 5003 York Blvd, Highland Park, CA 90042; (323) 259-3131
  • Raffi's Bicycles, 5509 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042;  (323) 474-6340
  • Ryky’s Bike Shop, 2424 Daly St, Los Angeles, CA 90031; (213) 703-8909
  • Spokes N Stuff - Griffith Park Ranger Station, 4730 Crystal Springs Ave., Griffith Park, CA 90027; (323) 662-6573

San Gabriel Valley

Beverly Hills

West LA

San Fernando Valley

  • Van's Cyclery - 11407 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606; (818) 760-6960. Call a few days in advance to rent a bike - limited quantities available.
  • Retro Xpress Bicycles - 14503 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91401; (818) 200-9463.
  • Wheel Fun Rentals - 6300 Balboa Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91316; (818) 212-4263. A wide range of bikes are available including cruisers, choppers, tandems and surreys.
  • LA Bike Adventures - 7736 Amestoy Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406; (818) 826-2011. Mountain bikes and gravel bikes (can be converted into road bikes)
If you have a bike shop near the route that rents bikes and you want to be listed here, email us at and we'll add you to the list.

Enjoy a Safe CicLAvia


Need Help on the Route?

Law Enforcement & Emergency Personnel: The Los Angeles Police Department provides a strong security presence at CicLAvia. In addition, there are emergency medical technicians stationed at each Hub, and other response personnel are available along the route.

In case of an accident, go to the nearest Hub to report it to CicLAvia staff. If you are between Hubs, look for the nearest uniformed officer or responder, or CicLAvia staff member.

If you notice any suspicious activity or a suspicious package, immediately report it to the nearest CicLAvia staff member or uniformed officer.

At CicLAvia, the safety and well being of our participants is our primary concern. We work closely with local authorities to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible. We also partner with other local agencies that provide additional security elements along the route and at public transit locations.

Contact Staff & Volunteers: CicLAvia staff can be identified by the bright blue CicLAvia t-shirt with yellow lettering that says STAFF on the back. CicLAvia volunteers can be identified by the bright yellow CicLAvia t-shirt with blue lettering that says VOLUNTEER on the back. 


Staff members and volunteers can assist with you with finding the answers to questions and with helping to find the right person to respond to emergencies.  If you are missing a member of your party, have been in a minor accident or have been part of an incident, please contact staff at the nearest CicLAvia Hub. This is often the fastest way to ensure police officers or emergency personnel respond to the situation rapidly and effectively. 

Prohibited Items

The following are not permitted at CicLAvia, due to LA City law:

  • unauthorized solicitation
  • alcoholic beverages
  • narcotics or illegal drugs
  • bathing in pools or fountains
  • damage to property
  • feeding animals
  • firecrackers or explosives
  • firearms
  • fires
  • littering (including pet waste)
  • public intoxication
  • unauthorized driving or parking
  • unauthorized vending
  • unleashed animals
  • weapons

How to CicLAvia

CicLAvia provides the chance for participants to enjoy a fun day connecting with their fellow Angelenos and their city in a whole new way. Participants are welcome to walk, bike, skate, run...any people-powered form of transport is allowed! CicLAvia works hard to provide a safe and secure environment for all participants. By familiarizing yourself with the following information, you can help to make CicLAvia a great event for everyone.

Timing your trip

CicLAvia lasts from 9:00am–4:00pm. Please budget your time accordingly. Make sure you return to your point of origin or final destination by 4:00pm to avoid car traffic when the route reopens. 

Share the Road

Cars are not allowed at CicLAvia, but any other form of non-motorized transportation is. Be aware of how people around you are traveling – biking, walking, skating, etc. – and respect their right to the road.

Monitored intersections

Police, transit officers, and CicLAvia volunteers will be at crossing intersections to monitor the flow of CicLAvia and car traffic. Riders and pedestrians must stop at car and pedestrian intersections when told to do so.


Please monitor your speed going down a hill. Also stay within the speed of the flow of traffic when it is too congested to pass.


There are often mandatory dismount locations. There will be signs at the dismount locations and volunteers instructing riders to dismount. 

Biking with Children

Our friends at REI have a comprehensive information and video page about biking with children. Please take the time to review this information if you plan to enjoy CicLAvia with a child. 

Helmets for Children

All children 18 and under are required by law to wear a helmet if they are on a bike, scooter, skateboard, skates or other type of geared or wheeled-transportation.

Kids Zones

Kids Zones will offer fun bike and pedestrian safety workshops and other exciting activities.

Experienced Riders Recommended

CicLAvia is not an ideal place to teach a child, or an adult, how to ride due to the heavy flow of bike, board, and pedestrian traffic. While we encourage participants of all ages and skill levels, we strongly suggest that children and all participants learn the basics of bike riding before participating on the CicLAvia route.

Read some safety tips!

Rain or Shine

CicLAvia will go on, rain or shine!


Here are a few things to remember when riding or skating in wet conditions.

  • Slow down. It’s easier to lose traction, especially in turns, when the road is wet. Avoid sharp turns and high speed turns so your bike won’t slide out from under you.

  • Skidding is more likely when the road is wet. Modulate your braking to avoid a skid.

  • Give yourself extra time and distance to stop.

  • Rim brake users, remember your rims are wet so it takes a little longer for your brake pads to catch. Pumping your brakes will help.

  • Be more cautious on (or avoid) surfaces that are extra slippery when wet: metal plates, manhole covers, train tracks, storm grates, and street “paint”.

  • Avoid riding through standing water or piles of wet leaves, which might conceal road defects.

  • Visibility is reduced when it’s raining. Wear bright, reflective clothing and use front and rear lights to help you see and be seen (even during the day).

Tips from our good friends at LA County Bicycle Coalition


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