10 Years of CicLAvia

Since 2010, CicLAvia has transformed and engaged communities all across Los Angeles County. Today, CicLAvia is recognized as the nation’s most-skilled producer of car-free street events, connecting Angelenos to each other through a shared sense of adventure.

Averaging 50,000 people per event, CicLAvia hosts a large and enthusiastic audience of repeat and first-time participants. About 30% at an average CicLAvia event is there for the first time, and another 30% have attended five or more! And they come from all over: from at least 3/4 of every zip code in Los Angeles.

CicLAvia collaborates with local community organizations, civic leaders, government agencies, and cultural institutions to create events that benefit local communities, while sharing the variety and uniqueness of LA.

“CicLAvia hasn’t only allowed Angelenos to see the city and its architecture with fresh eyes, it has allowed us to see ourselves with fresh eyes.” 
– Christopher Hawthorn, Chief Design Officer, City of Los Angeles

These events are an incredible boon to public health - in more ways than one. Nearly 50% of those attending CicLAvia for the first time said they would have been at home or otherwise sedentary if they had not come to CicLAvia. 66% of those participating with children said the same thing. And a June 2016 Preventative Medicine Journal article noted that the health benefits of CicLAvia are sound public investments in improving public health.

The benefits to air quality are staggering: Harmful air pollution (PM 2.5) was reduced by nearly 50% on CicLAvia day along the route — compared to non-CicLAvia days. In the neighborhoods around the route (where streets were open to cars), harmful air emissions were reduced by 12% — compared to non-CicLAvia days.

CicLAvia has run events in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, activating local community spirit and bringing people a new viewpoint on their own parts of town.