Enjoy CicLAvia Tomorrow!

For the first time in two years, CicLAvia is returning to the Westside tomorrow with CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro! We are excited and ready to hit the streets running (or pedaling or rolling).  CicLAvia is a family oriented event that brings the diverse people of Los Angeles County and beyond in a safe environment to connect communities in a positive, happy way.  So if you want to check out the Culver City and Venice area and would like to really get a chance to explore the area in a different light, join us!

Each CicLAvia is unique in its own way. You never know what type of custom bike you will see, what kind of costumes participants will wear or whom you will meet.  It’s always a mystery waiting to unravel the day of the event. This event does not exclude bird.jpganyone in the community. Not even animals. Yes, that’s a right, animals! Ice Cream, an exotic cockatoo who is a frequent CicLAvia attendee, has become a CicLAvia celebrity.

Along each route, so many different restaurant and other small business gems are discovered! These discoveries come from the beauty of being able to roam the streets free from cars. Most business owners along the route find ways to engage with the participants and promote their business with signs, balloons, music and more. Even those who are not directly on the route find ways, so it’s worth a little trip down side streets to see what they offer.

Those selfies that you see people take along the route, folks out walking their pets, giving their kids the CicLAvia experience in strollers, families creating memories, the unity you see on this route of strangers, that is what CicLAvia creates: a culture of belonging.