Photography at CicLAvia

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 6, 2013

Los Angeles never seems quite as photogenic as it does on CicLAvia Sundays. Our community loves the photos that capture the highlights, the emotions, the connectivity, the art & landmarks, the people, and the atmosphere of each CicLAvia event.

Our photos are always free to use: grab one to use as a desktop or Zoom background, phone screen, or anything else! Click to scroll through our Flickr albums.

CicLAvia–Mid-city Meets Pico Union, June 30, 2019

CicLAvia–Meet the Hollywoods, August 18, 2019

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 18, 2015

Street art in LA draws international crowds, but Angelenos often miss it or take it for granted when they only pass them by in a car. Images of some of the art we see (especially when it's temporary) always make a big impact with CicLAvians. Photos of Jamman in Thai Town and of the Spheres at MacArthur Park really show the breadth of diversity seen in LA art.

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 18, 2015

CicLAvia–South LA, February 23, 2020

CicLAvia–Heart of LA Celebrating UCLA100, October 6, 2019

At every event, in every neighborhood, it's the people who participate – whether by bike or on a skateboard, running, walking, skating or watching – who make these days so unique and memorable.

CicLAvia–Iconic Wilshire, June 23, 2013

The sight of car-free streets in a city that is so synonymous with traffic is stunning to many in our community. Sometimes the scale of our events even surprises us. Once you see streets full of people-powered, active transportation, without gridlock or exhaust, you can't wait to see more of it.

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 7, 2012

CicLAvia–South LA, February 23, 2020

CicLAvia–Heart of the Foothills, April 22, 2018

CicLAvia–The Valley, December 8, 2019

We plan to keep creating new moments & memories for the next 10 years. Join us by becoming a CicLAvia Street Star with a monthly donation that shows your support for active transportation, small businesses, open streets, and good health. Plus, we'll send you gifts!

CicLAvia–Pasadena, May 31, 2015
Photos: Laura Rudich, Jon Endow, Ryan Duclos, Farah Sosa, Gary Leonard