How do you CicLAvia

There are so many ways to participate in CicLAvia: what's your favorite?

How do you CicLAvia?

A skateboarding granny, a pack of longboarders, a formal dinner table set for eight, small kids on little scooters, big "kids" on tall bikes, groups on wheelchairs, roller derby teams, and stroller parties. We have seen just about every form of nonmotorized travel imaginable at CicLAvia.


With less than three weeks before CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro, we are curious about how you like to "CicLAvia." Take our survey below for a chance to win some CicLAvia swag!

We will see you, and your favorite way to enjoy CicLAvia, on August 9!


How do you CicLAvia?