How to CicLAvia: Safety Reminders & Helpful Tips

First time attending a CicLAvia? Here are some helpful notes to remember about our events.

First, safety:

  • Wear a helmet. CicLAvistas under 18 must wear a helmet if they’re on wheels, but we encourage everyone to protect their head.
  • Maintain a safe speed. Go with the flow of others and control your speed.
  • CicLAvia is not a race. There’s no starting point and no finish line -- enjoy the open streets however you wish!
  • Pass on the left. And remember to alert your fellow CicLAvistas as you pass.
  • Never stop in the middle of the route. Pull over to the sidewalk if you need to take a selfie or a sip of water.
  • Cross safely. Pay attention to volunteer staff and traffic officers at all crossing points and dismount zones.
  • Get help if you need it. Staff members and volunteers will be on the route in marked shirts. Need a repair, directions, or see something that’s not right? Please speak up!
  • Be mindful. Stay aware of your surroundings! People enjoy CicLAvia in all kinds of ways that aren’t always in straight lines.
  • Stay on your side of the street. CicLAvia traffic flows in two directions, just like regular traffic.

Also, remember, no motorized vehicles on the route!

Now, for other things you should know:

  • CicLAvia is FREE!
  • We encourage you to get out and explore a new neighborhood by supporting local businesses and vendors.
  • CicLAvia closes streets to car traffic and opens them for people to walk, skate, bike, play, and explore parts of Los Angeles.
  • Street closures will be in effect from 7 am to approximately 5 pm, but the event runs from 9am to 3pm.
  • There are, of course, points in the route for cars to cross.
  • There's no starting point nor finish line - begin where you like and enjoy the day your way.
  • Every intersection has volunteers to protect CicLAvistas and to help keep traffic flowing smoothly. Look out for them and listen to their directions.
  • Hubs have restrooms, water, first aid stations, and bike repair areas. They are mandatory dismount zones and you must get off and walk your bike.
  • Ciclavia is open to all human-powered modes of transportation. We discourage the use of electric bikes and scooters.
  • CicLAvia events are great places to bring your kids, dogs, and friends! Bonus: they’re the type of events where you’re likely to meet new friends!