Meet Exceptional Volunteers Dylan and Jose

1. Tell us a bit about yourselves (school, hobbies, other activities/organizations you are involved with?)

 I'm a Los Angeles based Biker and I ride fixed gear. I make sandwiches for a living at Subway so I guess you could say I'm a good catch for any girl who enjoys sandwiches. When I'm not working, I like to bike miles after mile all over LA and volunteer. 
Jose: I'm a SoCal native.I've lived here all my life. I like going out with friends, having a good time(who doesn't?). I love to see new places, meet new people, and seeing the world with my own two eyes. My hobbies include listening to music, longboarding, playing music, and reading books!
2. How did you get involved with CicLAvia?
Dylan: I attended Ciclavia a couple months back and since then, I wanted to look into it and volunteer as much as I can and meet cool people along with make a difference in the biking community. 
Jose: I had heard about it from a friend, and at first (i'll admit) i didn't really take interest in the idea of volunteering but then i figured I'd rather be productive then sit around let the time pass while I ate junk food and played Xbox.
3. How do you think we can make CicLAvia better?
Dylan: Every Ciclavia event varies in many aspects such as the route and the amount of people that attend so its best to just prepare for the event and go with the flow, observe what could've been better and grow from there but as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing that Ciclavia can do to be "better", its amazing as it is!
Jose: I wish CicLAcia was a much more public thing, and by that I mean, more publicity from newspapers and other media. CicLAvia is pretty good cool, we just need to spread the word more! 
4. How have you volunteered? Why have you volunteered? 
Dylan: The reason for my interest in volunteering is because I feel as if that in order for me to call myself a true LA rider, I have to be involved in something big for the LA Biking community and Ciclavia is the perfect event to say that I was a part of. It's a proud title to obtain and I plan on volunteering at all future Ciclavia related events. 
Jose: This is my first time volunteering for CicLAvia. although i've done several outreaches this past week with the other wonderful volunteers. Admittedly CicLAvia was more of a productive-get-out-of-the-house-and-do-something at first but now i see we should all get involved with our community and help make our city a better place and have some fun while we do it.
5. What's in store for you? What do you plan to study in college?
Dylan: I hope to stay true to my roots and continue riding the streets of LA for a very very very long time and discover new places, meet new people, and inspire the ones around me to purchase a bike and join the community. 
As far as college goes, I look to pursue a career in teaching, specifically History all while attending more Ciclavia events down the line.
Jose: Sadly, I can't tell the future, but I'd like to travel and see the world for a little while, meet new faces and places. As for college, I want go into Foreign Language Studies, and while im not quite sure which one, I'm leaning toward French seeing as its the language i have the most knowledge of, aside from my native Spanish and English. I'll let my actions pave the road i am to walk on. :)