Meet Janice - the CicLAvia Volunteer with Spirit!


Tell us a bit about your background:

I am a native of Tallahassee, Florida. I have been in California over 25 years; I graduated from University of LaVerne with a Bachelor and Master Degree.  I have volunteered all of my life but wasn’t aware it known as volunteering. It is something I enjoy giving back to all communities and caring for others. 

I can recall as a little girl reading for the elders and helping my peers with their home work.  I have realized that this is my calling for helping people no matter what, the circumstances make be even just putting a smile on their faces.

How did you get involved with CicLAvia? 

I got involved with Ciclovías through a dear friend from another charity which is dear to my heart.  My dear friend shared a little about the organization and I was excited to assist the biker families as they pass thru the streets of Los Angeles.

Due to our fast paced living, distances between home and work, etc., most of us do not have the time to connect with our neighbors. Ciclovías is a great way to de-stress, exercise, meet your neighbor, enjoy the city without the chaos of traffic, have fun, and at the same time eliminate toxic fumes from the environment.

How do you think we can make CicLAvia better?

Provide longer hours for the bikers to complete the route and  being able to stop and visit the booths to purchase items.

 How have you volunteered? Why have you volunteered? 

 I have truly enjoyed volunteering at various organizations; it energize me.  Why volunteer? I will not pass up being a part of an organization movement which started 30 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia; as a response to the congestion and pollution of city streets spreading through Latin America and now the U.S.

 What's in store for you? What's coming up in your life?

Being a part of an organization promoting family, awareness of child obesity, heath conditions, healthy transportation options,  Financial Literacy, connecting communities, create a temporary park for free by simply removing cars from city streets, eliminate toxic fumes, and having fun.

The answers were easy for me to express my gratitude of serving others.   My Motto; “If I can help someone along the way then, my living won’t be in vein”.