Outdoors from Culver City to Venice

CicLAvia Explores saw us hanging out in downtown Culver City on Wednesday at the Downtown Business Association’s Backyard Bash. While checking out the restaurants that participated in the food and beer bargain extravaganza our staff got to talking about all our favorite places that are near the upcoming August 9 CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice route. We got so excited, we wanted to share our list with all of you. Here’s a roundup of some great places to explore before, during or after CicLAvia:

  • Venice Beach Skate Park - Venice and the nearby beach areas are the home of modern skateboarding. In 2009, Venice Beach got its own (amazing) skate park. It’s got a large pool area, in addition to a street section. Want to see the scene before you go? They’ve got a live video feed.

  • Ballona Creek Bike Path - A nice, breezy ride from Culver City through Mar Vista to Marina Del Rey. There are small parks and interesting sights for quick stops as you ride to the beach.

  • Venice Canals - Venice Beach used to be covered with canals and luckily there are a few left. Walk the beautiful canals and soak up the ambiance of this unique and historical gem.



  • Downtown Culver City - Restaurants, bars, desserts: Culver City has an array of places to make your taste buds tingle. While you’re hopping around between the sites, be sure to check out the Cowardly Lion statue by the Culver Hotel. The Wizard of Oz was filmed only blocks away at what is now Sony Studios.

  • Syd Kronenthal Park - This summer, pair a classic movie with a food truck picnic at Street Food Cinema. This unique experience is a pop culture explosion at its finest. Tomorrow night they’re celebrating the 20th Anniversary of “Clueless.”

  • Tito's Tacos - There’s a line for a reason. This Los Angeles roadside legend has been selling their classic hard-shelled tacos to giant crowds since the ‘50s. Take a bite, close your eyes and be transported to yesteryear via a taco TARDIS.

  • Screen_Shot_2015-07-17_at_1.34.38_PM.pngWork out at Muscle Beach - You know just a little bit of you wants to impersonate the Governator. You can pay a day rate to work out in this unique boardwalk-side gym.

  • Abbot Kinney Blvd  - A great place to sip coffee and catch up with friends, do some shopping in locally-owned stores, view local artwork or just take a stroll.

  • Media Park - A great small park between Venice and Culver Blvd to enjoy lunch, people watch or hang with friends. (Also known as the CRANK MOB Park to all Midnight Ridazz out there).

  • Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook - Hike the stairs, run the trail, or walk up the path. Any way you ascend, you’ll reach a hilltop park with great views of Downtown LA and some interesting exhibits.


  • Mar Vista Recreation Center - Shoot some hoops, go for a swim, play some baseball, or catch a game of roller hockey. This rec center has bbq pits and summer camps, and is a great place for families to enjoy a day at the pool. Organized leagues are offered both indoors and outdoors.

  • Kirk Douglas Theatre - Catch one of many amazing performances put on by the Centre Theatre Group in this beautiful theatre in downtown Culver City.

What did we miss? What’s your “spot”? Where are you walking, hiking, biking or skating this weekend on the westside or anywhere else in LA? Let us know by adding a comment below!