Share the Road, Share the City

Get out there and explore your city outside of a car and outside of CicLAvia events! Wherever you're going and however you're getting there, always have safety top of mind and remember that our roads are for everyone.

There are few things as joyous as exploring your city outside of the confines of a car, by bike, skateboard, scooter, or on foot. You experience a strengthened connection to your community, it’s a fun way to exercise, and the chances of happening upon a new favorite business or site are increased.

Don’t wait for the next CicLAvia; get out there experience the joy as much as you can, and take the time between events to keep up your skills, whether you bike, skate, or scoot! Just remember that you’re sharing the roads, the city and the joyous experience with other travelers.  Make it the best experience possible for you and others by keeping safety top of mind.

So, before the next time you head out without your car, have a look at our first video in a series on safety, presented by JUMP.