CicLAvia - To the Sea: Beach, Bottleneck and One Stoopid Tall Bike

April 21, 2013. The day CicLAvia transitioned from a really cool event centered more or less in Downtown LA into a transformative movement that spread out across 15 miles of LA city streets. Dubbed "CicLAvia – To the Sea", the longest-ever CicLAvia route attracted more than 100,000 people to experience a car-free day from the historic El Pueblo in downtown to the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean at Venice Beach – which may have led to a little congestion at one point…

This route was important for CicLAvia: it showed us that the political will and public desire for CicLAvia had grown to the point where we were now being asked to go to new parts of the city. It was the start of a model that hasn’t changed. The overwhelming attendance also prompted us to expand all future events from five hours to seven hours.

Perhaps most memorably, the CicLAvia – To the Sea route found heads turning skyward as the Stoopid Tall bike made its debut (and has since gone on to be featured on California tourism commercials, as well as on an episode of The Simpsons). So, on this sixth day of our countdown to our 15th event on October 18, we present you with… Stoopid Tall: