We Rise Central Ave Ride

We Rise Central Ave Ride

WE RISE is an initiative of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health that encourages wellbeing and healing through art, connection, community engagement and creative expression.

There is no better time to nurture our mental health. That’s why we're so eager to join WE RISE 2021, a month-long series of experiences that tap into the power of creative expression and community to strengthen our individual and collective wellbeing. We partnered with Subsuelo, the LA-based music collective, to highlight one of LA's great neighborhoods with a guide handy for riding your bike and exploring.

With the map below, choose a route that suits your destination or your curiosity, and start walking, biking, skating, and exploring South Los Angeles. Don't be afraid to start small – with fewer people or slower traffic. And you may decide to visit restaurants and sights along the way, so remember to bring a bike lock and check business hours ahead of time. Have fun exploring the community!

Click the guide below to start exploring the city in a new way.

To enhance your route, Subsuelo DJs invite you to explore Central Avenue's cultural landmarks through this playlist celebrating the area's musical diversity. Flow through the streets with a blend of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and Latin tunes.

Of the many incredible stories that Angelenos share with us about their experiences at CicLAvia events, the common threads are community, connection, and wellbeing. Active transportation supports mental health as well as physical exercise, and it gives us a closer look at the art, culture, and community on each and every street.