What We Love About LA

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, all of us at CicLAvia have been reflecting on what we love about the LA region. We all recently penned love notes to this city that holds a special place in each of our hearts. And we wanted to share them with you, the community of people who care as much about LA as we do.

Romel Pascual - Executive Director

I love LA because there are dynamic stories along every street, within every neighborhood, and as a city, we are open to sharing those stories with each other.  In the end, LA shows us that all of it matters.

Alex Merlino - Director of Finance

When I was a kid growing up in LA, seeing the mountains was like Christmas, it only happened once a year! Today, I see the mountains every day. I love LA's commitment to a cleaner environment and am proud of the part CicLAvia plays in a cleaner and healthier Los Angeles.

Aerienne Russell - Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator

What I love about LA is the abundance of urban nature: from Elysian Park to the Santa Monica mountains, forests, beaches, and deserts are always a quick trip away. Combine that with mild winters, and there's never a reason not to get outside in LA.

Meisha Rainman - Director of Development

I love LA because wherever I go I run into people I know making our big city feel more like a small town!  

Shawn Dhanak - Press Secretary

LA is a gem to me because of its creative, innovative, and forward-leaning people. That spirit is on display everywhere here and it’s infectious. From LA hallmarks like food, fashion, and film to a blossoming tech scene and a collective reimagining of the way we use our streets, Angelenos seem to be constantly inspiring one another to think outside the box. I love that.

Rachel Burke - Director of Production

I love that LA is a melting pot of different cultures. As a native Angeleno, it still feels like there are endless neighborhoods and places to explore. Also, amazing food. There are tacos everywhere!

Tafarai Bayne - Chief Strategist

I love LA because of the many communities from around the world you can find here. It's almost like a second home for people from every corner of the planet. You become worldly just by getting to know your neighbors.

Jennifer Woon - Accounting Assistant

I love the rich history of LA. With every step I take in each neighborhood I visit there is a history present, and history being made. I see it in the architecture and landscaping, hear it in the languages exchanged in front of people's homes, taste it in the diverse cuisines, smell it as I traverse from one street to the next, and feel it in the vibe of every resident who takes pride in their community.

Meg Meo - Production Assistant

I love LA for its smells. Whether it's citrus blossoms in the spring, freshly fried donuts in the early morning hours, or carnitas tacos from a street vendor, I hop on my bike and let the aromas of the city guide me!

Brittany Saake - Digital Communications Manager

I love the vibrancy of LA and that there is so much art and culture and always something fun – and often free – to do every day of the week! I love the sunshine, and that I am always a short drive from the ocean or mountains.

Colleen Corcoran - Design Director and CicLAvia Co-Founder

I love LA because it’s a place where we can live for decades or a lifetime and never fully know. Here, in a single strip mall, we may find two, three, or more languages being spoken. We may find, behind an unassuming storefront we've passed a thousand times, our new favorite taco place or used bookstore tucked away.