Why is the route only x miles?

Why is the route only x miles?


Every CicLAvia is unique, and reflects the part of LA that the route is highlighting. The purpose of the CicLAvia is first and foremost to connect people with their city and each other. CicLAvia is about exploring cultural, architectural and historical destinations within the city.

Routes vary in length due to many factors including geography, location of commercial corridors, and cost. We work with each city's traffic engineer, transportation department, and economic development department to determine the best route for each area. We work to have a minimal negative impact on resident access as well.

CicLAvia is not about logging miles: it's about discovering our city in a different way, and taking our time to stop at new places. CicLAvia does not have specific minimum/maximum mileage requirements as part of our routes, and each route is decided based on location, city planning, transportation, and other key production elements. The goal of CicLAvia is to create vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free streets.

Remember: if the route feels too short for you, just do it more than once, or change up what you're riding!