Getting to the Route and Parking

Getting to the Route and Parking

There are many ways to the CicLAvia route. Participants may ride their bikes, join feeder walks or rides, or take Metro to get to the route. If you must drive, we have some suggested parking locations. You may also look for street parking but pay attention to parking restriction signs.

Street Closures


Limited street parking may be available. The City of Pasadena has also shared their parking structure map with us. Please note some of the structures on the map may not be accessible from the address listed due to the location of the route, but those structures will have access via side street entrances. Click on the map for further details.


Old Pasadena also has a map with these and additional structures listed. Those parking locations can be found by clicking the map below:


Additionally, Pasadena Community College will allow the public can park in lots 1-6 during CicLAvia. The cost to park is $2 and guests must pay at automated machines. Here is a link to the parking/campus map:

One thing to note is that Lots 4 and 5 are parking structures, so if your vehicle has a rooftop bike rack, do not park there if you'd like to keep the rack attached to the roof.

Lastly, Wescom Credit Union is allowing 250 CicLAvia attendees to park for free at their flagship location at 123 S Marengo Avenue. First come, first served! 

Public Transit
There are four Metro Gold Line stops near the route: Del Mar, Memorial Park, Lake and Allen.

The Metro trip planner can be found here:

If you are a regular bus rider along the route and would like to know the detours for the day, please read about the detour details at the link below.

Bus Detours

Street Detours

The City of Pasadena has prepared a map that shows vehicle detours for the streets surrounding the route. Click on the image for a larger version of the map.