Getting to the Route and Parking

Getting to the Route and Parking

The CicLAvia route is accessible via many different forms of transportation.

Read more about Hubs, Metro, Metro Bike Sharebike rentalsbus detoursparking along the route, and feeder rides and walks.

Hub Addresses

Go Metro

This CicLAvia route is accessible via the Metro E (Expo) Line:

  • Expo/Western Station is next to the Exposition Park Hub

Metro Bike Share

There are Metro Bike Share stations near our route, at Exposition Park, as well as two stations with limited bikes being set up on our route for the day:  

Visit or download the Metro Bike Share app for a map of all the stations. Pro tip: Register your TAP card for Metro Bike Share before you arrive at Be sure to tag @BikeMetro on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Bike Rentals

Beyond the bike share provided by MetroBike (above), CicLAvia does not provide its own bike rentals. You can visit for more information about bike rentals in Los Angeles County.

Bus Detours

All buses along the CicLAvia route will be detoured. Click here to see the bus detour list and check your bus stop on Sunday, July 10 for posted signs outlining specific detours for your stop.

Parking Along the Route

Use ParkMe to find a lot along our route! If planning to park in neighborhoods along the route, please make sure to read parking signs.

This lot is located in the area of the route, and reachable on the Metro E / Expo Line:

Feeder Walks and Rides

Planning a feeder ride or walk and want to add it to our site? Email us or share it on our Facebook event page!