Open Streets + Good Eats from Meghan Sahli-Wells, Culver City Vice Mayor

A guest blog featuring a selection of eateries along the eastern half of CicLAvia's March 3 route.

As soon as I saw the CicLAvia–Culver City Meets Mar Vista + Palms route, I began meal planning. Then I panicked…

Can I really eat two brunches? Is a 6.5-mile ride enough exercise to justify an architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwich, Danish Kingle, and a Cupcake-Wars-winning cupcake? Rather than eating it all on March 3, I’ve decided to share my favorite food shortlist with the whole CicLAvia community.

Apologies in advance to my friends in Palms and Mar Vista—you’ve got great food—but this shortlist is resolutely Culver City-centric. (It’s my job after all.)

Here are my picks from three categories, to help you choose your own CicLAvia food adventure.

Favorites | Out-of-towners will know these. If you haven’t eaten at these Culver City classics yet, here’s your chance.

  • Akasha | Akasha was Michael Jackson’s personal chef. You really can’t beat it.
  • A-Frame | Roy Choi. All you can eat pancakes. You might just spend the whole day here.
  • CoolHaus | Women-owned, architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwiches. The bomb.
  • Father’s Office | You’ll have to wait in line for these burgers, but as my mother used to say, “Hunger makes the best sauce.”
  • Rush Street | Real food, real fun. Like the Tardis, it’s bigger on the inside.
  • Culver Hotel | Bask in the 1920s glow with live music and cocktails in the beautiful lobby, upstairs speakeasy, or outdoor terrace.
Photo: @aframela on Instagram

Off The Beaten Path | Check out these well-loved neighborhood joints.

  • Cognoscenti Coffee | In the Culver City Arts District, a tiny caffeinated wonderland with the best croissants in town.
  • The Wood | Locally-owned brunch hangout. Patio seating and bottomless Bloody Mary’s... This place is fun with or without kids.
  • Sunny Blue | Homemade Omusubi. Perfect on-the-go food.
  • Lonzo’s Bakery | The late great Jonathan Gold recommended their Peruvian ceviche. Unassuming and excellent.
  • Copenhagen Pastry | Delicate Danish delights. This is a Culver City favorite.
  • Industry Café & Jazz | Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, soul food, and jazz. This joint opens at 5pm on Sundays. Your patience will be rewarded if you choose to wait.
  • Seventy7 Lounge | It’s a speakeasy tucked away in an alley with live music and good drinks. Also opens at 5pm.
Photo: @cogcoffee on Instagram

Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! | You earned it.

  • Lodge Bread | The perfect rustic loaf and bicycle coffee. Eat there and take a loaf home.
  • Boba Guys | In the Platform next to the Metro. Because we must have milk tea.
  • Mega Grille | Next door to the King Fahad Mosque. Their halal and the gyro pizza sandwich is divine.
  • Samosa House | Lucky us, there are two along the route! The original Samosa House is large with a grocery store attached. Samosa House East sports a tiny outdoor patio.
  • Hotcakes Bakes | Elfie Weiss is the first winner of the first Cupcake Wars. Très Leches FTW!
  • Pasta Sisters | In a beautiful space in the Helms Bakery District, a family makes pasta with love.
  • Co+opportunity | Before heading back home on the Metro, stop by the co+op across the street for beer, wine, or kombucha on tap, and get those Sunday grocery essentials while you’re at it.
Photo: @pasta_sisters on Instagram

There are so many more places to add to this list… let us know where you are planning to eat along the route on March 3!

Lead photo: @gogogorosh, featuring Coolhaus on Instagram