Road to CicLAvia - Chill Out in the Park

by Ronnie Takkens

The next CicLAvia is coming up on Sunday, May 15, 2016, and will be connecting six communities in the Southeast Cities. Nearly 10 miles of roads will be closed to car traffic, so a lot of car-free riding, skating or whatever-you-like awaits! We all know CicLAvia is not just about riding the route: it’s all about having a good time, hanging out with friends and family, and meeting other people. I often find that one of the best ways to do this might not even be on my bike, but when I get off.


Along the CicLAvia - Southeast Cities route you can find many parks to hang at when you need a break from your ride. In Watts (E. 103th Street), I love the Ted Watkins Memorial Park, and at the end of Tweedy Blvd in South Gate you don't want to miss on South Gate Park.

Both parks are near different CicLAvia hubs, where many folks like to start and end their day. I recommend starting with breakfast in the park in one of several shaded places to picnic, or taking an afternoon break to walk some trails.

Of the sporting type? South Gate park has a large complex of baseball fields and 3 volleyball courts!


Bringing kids to CicLAvia? Both parks have a large playground with climbing frames, slides, swings, and more. Just what you need to fully tire out your family after a few miles of riding or walking!


And good news also for skaters coming to CicLAvia: both parks have skate parks!


The CicLAvia route passes another park as well: Walnut Nature Park. It's a cozy park compared to the other two, but that's part of why I love it. There's some basketball courts and play areas for kids here as well. There are so many parks on the route, I haven't visited them all yet. Any suggestions on where to head next?

See you soon for more #RoadtoCicLAvia!