Street Closures/Bus Detours

Street Closures/Bus Detours

On Sunday, February 25 the following streets will be closed to car traffic. No parking will be allowed on these streets beginning at 1am on Sunday, February 25. Cars will be able to cross the route at designated intersections as shown on the route map below. 

On February 25 from 7 AM to 5 PM (approximately), these streets will be closed to cars:

  • Melrose Ave, from Fairfax Ave to N Vermont Ave

Some parts of these streets may close as early as 6 AM, so plan accordingly.

Download Street Closure Notification Flyer

Street Closures at CicLAvia

Cierres de calles en CicLAvia

Bus Detours

All buses along the CicLAvia route will be detoured:

Metro Bus Detours

Also, be sure to check your bus stop on Sunday, February 25 for posted signs outlining specific detours for your stop.

Freeway Off Ramp Closures

101 S/B and N/B exits for Melrose Ave/Normandie Ave

The onramp for the 101 S/B at Melrose Ave

N/B 6b On ramp Vermont Ave

N/B 6b Offramp Melrose Ave

S/B 6b Offramp Melrose Ave

S/B 6b Onramp Melrose Ave


Use ParkMe to find a lot along our route ! Additionally, use Parkopedia to find nearby parking lots. If planning to park in neighborhoods along the route, please make sure to read all posted parking restrictions.

Click HERE to download the route map.

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