Mar Vista Farmers Market Hub

Mar Vista Farmers Market Hub

Volunteer Roles at Mar Vista Farmers Market Hub

Hub Angel


Hub Angels play a vital role at the hubs during the CicLAvia event. Hub Angels help support our staff by providing information or direction to participants. They also help support our fundraising efforts and encourage participants to support CicLAvia by purchasing merchandise or donating to the event. Additionally, they also assist in conducting surveys for an ongoing study of CicLAvia.

Hub Angels are stationed at the information/ merchandise booth or assist nearby with other activities at the hub.


I'll Volunteer as a Hub Angel 


Dismount Angel


Dismount Angels help enforce our mandatory dismount at set areas along the route. Mandatory dismounts are set for the safety of all CicLAvia participants whether walking and riding their bikes. Usually at the beginning of a pedestrian zone or t-intersection, these angels ensure all bicyclist dismount their bicycles upon entering such areas.

Dismount Angels are placed near the hub


I'll Volunteer as a Dismount Angel


Route Angel


Route Angels are our extra eyes and ears along the route. These roaming volunteers ride on an assigned portion of the route and assist participants with flats and other basic bike repair needs and report any issues along the route to hub staff. Route Angels also assist our staff with transporting merchandise or posting/removing signage along the route during set-up or breakdown.

Route Angels are assigned to a portion of the route


I'll Volunteer as a Route Angel