CicLAvia 2022 Year in Review

This past year provided the opportunity for tens of thousands of Angelenos to walk, run, and roll through the neighborhoods of South LA, East Hollywood, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Echo Park, Downtown LA, and Boyle Heights during 4 CicLAvia open street events. We've got lots more planned for 2023, but first, let's take a look back at all we accomplished together in 2022.

Together with our dedicated supporters, volunteers, and team, CicLAvia had a BIG 2022:

  • 23.85 Miles of Open Streets: In December, we celebrated our 42nd CicLAvia Sunday. Our 4 events this year covered 23.85 miles, including returns to our anchor communities of Heart of LA and South LA, demonstrating our vision of a greener, cleaner, and more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly Los Angeles.
  • City Safety & Public Health: We partnered with health and public safety organizations to facilitate over 132 vaccinations and 450 helmet giveaways – primarily to kids under 18 years of age. It's just another way to make our streets safer.

  • 1,920 Volunteer Hours: Over 388 Angelenos donated 1,920 hours of their time as event volunteers this year, including members of the California Conservation Corps. Our volunteers act as eyes and ears for safety and encouragement along the route. From individuals to groups of friends, high school students, and families- thank you for sharing your time with us.
  • 23 Marathons Walked by our Outreach Team: We take great care in making sure the people living and working along our routes are well equipped to manage the road closures and make the most of all the new visitors. To achieve this, our outreach team walked a total of 596.25 miles, equivalent to 23 marathons, going door-to-door to notify residents and businesses. They visited about 2658 locations, and presented at 15 neighborhood council meetings.
  • 10 + 131 = Did you know CicLAvia currently only has 10 full-time staff members that work all year round to plan and execute each event? Our events would not be possible without the help of our outreach, pre-event planning, and event day part-time staff, totaling an additional 131 staff members in 2022.

We are so inspired by our collective moments of wonder and joy that defined CicLAvia in 2022. Here is a glimpse of the social media posts and stories you shared with us this year at #CicLAvia.

Surprise Visitors: Did you see the horses along the route at CicLAvia-South LA? 2022 saw so many animals - dogs of all sizes, bunnies on bikes, birds on shoulders, and horses trotting alongside pedestrians.

A First of Many! Many shared it was their "first CicLAvia," with the youngest attendee being just months born! Were you a friend bringing friends? Did you stumble upon it randomly? Or did you plan your vacations to attend?

Streets are for Playing: Kids cruised on their scooters, toddlers pedaled their tricycles, triumphant wins at a life-size game of chess and tunes from youth bands filled the street with life. CicLAvia Sundays are a chance to throw it back to when playing on the streets was a daily occurrence."It's the only time I feel safe having my kids play on the streets- and to see them smiling so big- we hope for more safe spaces like CicLAvia daily!"

Favorite Foods: Fragrant and enticing smells lured so many of you to dismount and find something good to eat. New favorites were found at local eateries, food trucks, and snack stands- from pupusas, hot dogs, tacos, shaved ice, cake, you name it- it was eaten at CicLAvia in 2022.

Bright Spots: Some of you arrived alone but left with an entire crew of new connections. Many of you found belonging and joy at CicLAvia- in ways you've never experienced before. "So glad I showed up to CicLAvia, despite everything bad happening in my life. It helped me see that a good community, safe places, and happy feelings still exist in this world."

Get Curious: So many of you reveled in newfound curiosity about a neighborhood you've lived in for decades. CicLAvia helped you find a park just a few blocks from your doorstep, talk with neighbors for the first time, or realize how close it was to walk to somewhere you usually drive to. And it was an opportunity to speak with local organizations and city representatives to learn about valuable services in your communities.

Kismet: Old friends ran into each other by chance, happily surprised by "what a small world LA can be." Squeals of joy, warm embraces, and detailed catch-ups. "Only at CicLAvia" was a common phrase to describe serendipitous moments. "Surely, this would happen only at CicLAvia; we wouldn't have spotted each other if we traveled by car today."

The list goes on and we can’t wait to create MORE memories with you in 2023Be sure to join our email list so you can get all the details (routes, maps, dates, and more) of the upcoming events this year!

We're working every day of the year to make LA streets MORE supportive – for local businesses, active commuters, green spaces, and recreation. CicLAvia is committed to bringing you MORE open streetsMORE miles of smilesMORE fun, and MORE feelings of connection in 2023. This is all made possible thanks to your generous donations. To support CicLAvia in 2023, donate here.