Our Mission

CicLAvia catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free streets. CicLAvia engages with people to positively transform our relationship with our communities and with each other.


A little about why we do what we do 

CicLAvia first took to the streets of Los Angeles in 2010 to challenge the concept of Southern California as a car-only region. CicLAvia was launched to temporarily remove cars from streets for one day and open them to other forms of non-motorized transit – pedestrians, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, wheelchairs and more. 

The immediate success inspired local leaders to look at the transportation landscape of Los Angeles in a completely different way. CicLAvia’s goal is to inspire all of us to reimagine Los Angeles and connect participants to neighborhoods, businesses, healthy lifestyles, alternative transportation and each other in a way that is not possible by car. Since 2010, hundreds of thousands of people have freely participated as CicLAvia temporarily transformed nearly 100 miles of city streets into a large urban park and community oasis.