Open Streets with AARP

“We want CicLAvia to continue as much as the rest of Los Angeles does. The institution that CicLAvia represents – the opportunity for Angelenos to come together - it’s unparalleled and will endure through this crisis. We will be right there with them when CicLAvia can resume bringing our communities together in person.”

Our partnership with AARP has helped us support diverse, people-powered transportation options for Angelenos. Getting a deeper understanding of potential mobility challenges strengthened CicLAvia as a more accessible, equitable – and fun – event.

bUneke Magazine recently wrote about our fantastic work with AARP – a partnership that is still going strong.

Here is a short excerpt:

CicLAvia has partnered with AARP, the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age.  

“As an organization that represents people aged 50+ and their families, AARP’s goals are to disrupt the notion of aging; create awareness and advocate for different ways that people can safely travel, and strive to build age-friendly communities across the region,” exclaims Stephanie Ramirez, AARP Los Angeles’ associate state director of advocacy. “It makes perfect sense for AARP to partner with CicLAvia, an organization that sheds light on different people-powered transportation options for Angelenos whether it’s walking, biking or rolling. CicLAvia also offers people the chance to connect with family, friends and their community in a completely different way than our car-centric culture allows.”

"Ciclavia has always been concerned about ensuring it was accessible to everyone, regardless of age, physical abilities or location,” said Tafarai Bayne, CicLAvia’s chief strategist. “When CicLAvia was conducting its community outreach for a new Southeast LA route in 2016, the outreach team noticed a higher-than-average number of senior citizens walking around the community and at the many Churches along the route. We realized that some of these residents would have trouble accessing the event, particularly those with mobility challenges.”

This realization coincided with a fortuitous encounter between Bayne and Ramirez. After some initial brainstorming, the two nonprofits formed a partnership. “CicLAvia promotes the type of lifestyle that AARP aspires to for all its members,” added Ramirez. “The synergy between AARP’s ‘Disrupt Aging’ message and how just being at CicLAvia, riding bikes, walking, and other people-powered alternatives, allows participants to bring out the kid in them, highlights that age isn't a limit on having fun, being out in your community and engaging in exploration and life.”

Read the full article at bUneke.

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