Introducing CicLAmini

In 2023 we launched CicLAmini – compact neighborhood routes. A CicLAmini is a more pedestrian-oriented experience featuring activities sprinkled along the entire 1-2 mile open street event. Expect things like self-guided walking tours, scavenger hunts, street games, local business engagements, and art and cultural activities for all-ages.

We hope you’ll join us as we enjoy the car-free streets in a multitude of people-powered ways. You never need a bike or wheels to participate. But if you are on a bike, skateboard, rollerblades, or roller skates, always wear a helmet. It’s California law for anyone aged 18 and under. 

A CicLAmini, just like a regular CicLAvia event, promotes more respect and infrastructure for bike and pedestrian-friendly public spaces. People can enter and exit at any point, which means you can ride, skate, jog, or walk along the route and go back and forth as many times as you want (if you want to get those steps in *wink*). 

We ask that you treat everyone on the CicLAvia route (whether a CicLAmini or a traditional CicLAvia) courteously and respectfully. Open streets still adhere to traffic rules of two-way traffic to protect those moving in opposite directions. We trust you all to be kind and patient with others around you as we enjoy the streets of LA together. 

CicLAmini is a new concept for us too, and we look forward to developing it with you!

2024 CicLAminis include:

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