LA Landmarks

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 2, 2018

Los Angeles is a sprawling, diverse city filled with countless architectural styles and pieces of history. One of the joys of CicLAvia is giving people the opportunity to explore their own neighborhoods and really get up close to the sights that they might otherwise speed past in a car (or never see at all).

We don't have one singular landmark that exemplifies our city; we have dozens! We drew together photos of our events that featured some of the true LA markers that dot our city.

CicLAvia–Meet the Hollywoods, August 18, 2019

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 6, 2013

CicLAvia–Iconic Wilshire, April 6, 2014

CicLAvia–Celebrate LA!, September 30, 2018

Our city is home to filming locations, world-renown concert halls, skyscrapers, and even famous streets. It's a very photogenic place to stroll the streets.

CicLAvia–Iconic Wilshire, June 23, 2013

CicLAvia–The Valley, March 22, 2015

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 5, 2014

Another joy of CicLAvia is the opportunity to create your own scenic route of favorite sights and places. Check out the thousands of photos on our Flickr Page to reminisce on some of the events you attended, and see what you missed at others.

CicLAvia–Wilmington, April 28, 2019

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 6, 2013

CicLAvia–Culver City Meets Venice, March 26, 2017

CicLAvia–Heart of LA, October 6, 2019

We have a lot more landmarks and LA sights in store for the next 10 years. Join us by becoming a CicLAvia Street Star with a monthly donation that shows your support for active transportation, small businesses, open streets, and good health. Plus, we'll send you gifts!

CicLAvia–Celebrate LA!, September 30, 2018

CicLAvia–Celebrate LA!, September 30, 2018