Local Gems: Back to the Streets in South LA

To many Angelenos, the best part of CicLAvia is what they notice when they're walking, cycling, or even spectating that they never spotted when they were in a car. Whether these neighborhoods are a long time home or brand new to you, you'll find something you may have never noticed before as you enjoy the open streets. There's so much to do on July 10, along CicLAvia–South LA’s 3-mile route through Vermont Square, Harvard Park, Chesterfield Square, Exposition Park, and King Estates.

As you discover the ease in which you can travel through these neighborhoods, safe from cars, keep your eyes open to see what else you find that you may have missed before.

There's an abundance of art, murals, and culture along the route as well. Dozens of works of public art line the streets, honoring so much of LA's history (even its recent or still-unfolding history) and showcasing some of the most talented painters in the world.

New murals along the route pay tribute to Kobe Bryant, including one at 2945 South Western Ave (north of where the route begins), and another at 6903 S Western Ave.

There are several parks on or near the route, including Martin Luther King, Jr., Park and Chesterfield Square Park, as well as the massive Exposition Park (and Expo Park Rose Garden) further from the route. Closer to Western Avenue you can visit Harvard Park, which gave the surrounding neighborhood its name and was a launching ground for baseball stars Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis. A fresh set of upgrades has ensured it will remain central to residents’ lives.

There are plenty of points of history and education that are not far from the route.

Exposition Park is home to the California Science Center, a place to spark curiosity and a love of science for visitors of all ages. Nearby is the Natural History Museum, with dozens of exhibits exploring the history of our city (and life itself), and featuring a surprisingly welcoming dinosaur.

You can visit the California African American Museum, open on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. It features exhibits on art and important moments in history – and boasts free admission.

Now under construction is the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which will make its home in Exposition Plaza. You may be able to see its in-process construction, rising like a spaceship from the earth.

The University of Southern California is just north of Expo Park; it's filled with mixed history (newly designed buildings next to historic landmarks) and it's a center of academic excellence.

Along the road you'll see several schools named after notable Americans, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to former President Barack Obama. Churches, markets, and local organizations line the route as well.

You can also find countless shops up and down Western Ave, including two bike shops you may not want to miss: Primo's (just off Western) and Dag Riders. You can stop in ahead of the event for helmets and other gear, or swing by on event day. They'll be providing free tune-ups along the route as well.

As always, you’ll find booths from neighborhood groups at our Hubs along the route, and a few food trucks, too. There are also countless shops and eateries along the route with dishes you may not find anywhere else.

Explore Vermont Square, Harvard Park, Chesterfield Square, Exposition Park, and King Estates with us at CicLAvia—South LA on Sunday, July 10, and discover your own gems.

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