Stopping to See the Street Art

As people discover their own neighborhoods at a slower pace, they often see things they never noticed before: restaurants, parks, local activities, and public art.

We looked back at some of the murals and hidden works of art we've spotted on streets all across Los Angeles County at our various events. Even as we revisit similar routes again and again, the art changes. It can be an incredible barometer of local culture and attitudes.

LA's artwork is so dynamic and creative for many reasons. The city itself is a creative hub, it's a place that gives room for diverse voices to grow and be heard.

“There’s such an unbelievably deep mural tradition here in LA, so you respect what’s been done, you recognize the diversity of all the things that have been created,” said illustrator (and frequent CicLAvian) Brian Rea.

People travel from around the world to see the murals in the Los Angeles Arts District (near CicLAvia's main office), but you don't have to travel that far from your own home to see unique, exciting works. It's likely all around you, wherever you are: from Pasadena to Santa Monica, the Valley to Wilmington.

All you have to do is slow down and look around you. That's one of the joys of every CicLAvia event.

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