Making Music in the Streets

Something about the open streets – people going at a slower pace, communing with neighbors and friends, and experiencing Los Angeles from a new perspective that makes music really come alive. So many Angelenos are used to hearing music encased in their cars; at CicLAvia, the streets themselves become concert arenas.

At a typical event we have tens of thousands of attendees. That's a massive audience for our local artists & musicians!

In 2018, CicLAvia partnered with the LA Phil to celebrate its centennial year. Together, we cleared roadways between downtown LA's Walt Disney Concert Hall all the way to the Hollywood Bowl, transforming them into safe, open, urban parks. Along the route our hubs featured art, dancing, and – of course – live music from so many of this city's best musicians.

There are so many unique styles of music in Los Angeles; it was an incredible honor to showcase so many of them. And we're still going! At many events we welcome performers, DJs, bands, and choruses to join in the enthusiasm and exhilaration of our open streets.

Keep making music with us for the next 10 years by becoming a CicLAvia Street Star with a monthly donation that shows your support for active transportation, small businesses, open streets, and good health. Plus, we'll send you gifts!

Events featured in photos, from top: CicLAvia—South LA (Feb 23, 2020), CicLAvia—Southeast Cities (May 15, 2016), CicLAvia—Heart of LA Celebrating UCLA 100 (Oct 6, 2019), Celebrate LA! LA Phil 100 x CicLAvia (Sep 30, 2018), CicLAvia—Southeast Cities (May 15, 2016), Celebrate LA! LA Phil 100 x CicLAvia (Sep 30, 2018), CicLAvia—Heart of LA (Oct 5, 2014), CicLAvia—Heart of LA (Oct 6, 2013), CicLAvia—Heart of LA (Oct 6, 2013), CicLAvia—Iconic Wilshire (Apr 6, 2014), CicLAvia—The Valley (Mar 22, 2015).