Wandering through Wilmington

On Sunday, August 15, we are kicking off CicLAvia–Wilmington! Over two miles of streets will be open for walking, biking, rolling, dancing, spectating, and rejoicing. If you've never attended a CicLAvia event, this is a great place to start: there is no entrance or exit, and no need to have a bicycle or ability level. This event (like all our events) is for you to enjoy the open, spacious streets free of cars.

There's an incredible amount of art and history along this route – you won't want to miss it.

Wilmington has seen a surge of new street art and iconography. People come from around the world to see the art across the Los Angeles cityscape. It's something we miss when we speed by in our cars, but you will want to slow down and really experience it.

Find the Jimmy Hendrix Mural (created by David Flores) at the Wilmington Barber Lounge along Avalon Blvd near Banning Park. Other works pop up at the Self Help Credit Union, and in Wilmington Town Square Park. There is a more artwork at the colorful Maya Restaurant close to the waterfront.

Some CicLAvians will make a permanent mark on the LA Waterfront by becoming part of the public art installation “Community Canyon” on the Wilmington Waterfront Promenade. Greenmeme, the artist team commissioned for the project by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, will take photos of community members for possible use in a profile sculpture on the LA Waterfront. A limited number of profiles will be randomly selected.

Other local groups like the Tianguiz Cultural Arts and Crafts and SBCC will be activating along the route with local vendors, as well.

Don't miss the waterfront itself: you can also spot the massive Port of Long Beach just across the East Basin.

The community of Wilmington played a role in the Civil War, housing Union soldiers seeking to quell any secessionist / confederate sympathies held by recent arrivals from Southern states. The Drum Barracks Civil War Museum and Park feature a lot of this hidden history. The Banning Museum, in Banning Park, carries more history, and highlights a notable Angeleno: Phineas Banning, who moved to California from Delaware with only 50 cents, and would help create the Port of LA.

Familiar restaurants abound, and food trucks and even a pop-up Beer Garden, hosted by the Avalon Arts & Cultural Alliance, will be available along the route.

Check out some of the offerings at each Hub: located at Banning Park and Wilmington Waterfront Park. You can expect to find a Free Bike Repair station (yes - it's free!), games and activities, and even a vaccination clinic. Providence Health is hosting a free pop up Pfizer vaccine clinic at the Banning Park Hub for anyone 12 and up (parents must accompany minors) from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

One of the joys of CicLAvia is the opportunity to create your own scenic route of favorite sights and places. Explore Wilmington as a neighbor, a visitor, or a long-time resident and you'll still find something new, something beautiful, and something uniquely LA.

We have a lot more landmarks and LA sights in store for the next 10 years. Join us by becoming a CicLAvia Street Star with a monthly donation that shows your support for active transportation, small businesses, open streets, and good health.