Neighborhood Guide

Neighborhood Guide

Delve deeper into the 2015 Heart of LA route by enjoying A Neighborhood Guide to the Heart of LA, written by Andrea Richards and designed by Colleen Corcoran and Tiffanie Tran. Learn about the historic center of the city, which throughout its long history has been a site of tremendous changes and demographic shifts. The “heart of LA,” like the rest of the city, is a dynamic place, with a history of intersections (some civil, some not) between the people and places that created our utterly unique and diverse city. We can't wait to feel the energy of CicLAvia with all of you on October 18, and hope this guide will enhance your day!

A hard copy version of this guide will be available at all four CicLAvia hubs. Click here to download a PDF of A Neighborhood Guide to Historic LA, or click on the image below.


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