CicLAvia 2023 Year in Review

Over the last year, tens of thousands of Angelenos had the chance to stroll, jog, skate, and cycle through neighborhoods like Boyle Heights, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Mid City, North Hollywood, Pico Union, Canoga Park, Winnetka, Reseda, South LA, and Watts—over the course of 7 CicLAvia open street events. With our 2024 season just around the corner, let's reflect on the collective achievements and experiences we shared this year!

Thanks to our amazing supporters, dedicated volunteers, and hard working team, CicLAvia had a fantastic year.

By the numbers:

  • 33 Miles of Open Streets: In December, we joyously celebrated our 49th CicLAvia Sunday since 2010. Our 7 open street events this year covered a whopping 33 miles! We cruised back to our anchor communities, Heart of LA and South LA, but also visited new parts of LA County.
  • New + Increased Programming: 2023 was an exciting year for CicLAvia. We introduced CicLAminis, smaller-scale events with a more pedestrian-oriented flair (CicLAmini-Watts and CicLAmini-North Hollywood) and we held ✌️Venice Blvd! with LADOT to celebrate the new bike lanes and safety features along the stretch between National and Sepulveda.
  • 5,978 Volunteer Hours: Over 1,043 Angelenos shared 5,978 hours of their time as event volunteers this year! That is more than triple the amount as last year!

  • Outreach Team Walks 1,309 Miles: That’s more than the distance between Los Angeles and Vancouver! Ahead of every CicLAvia, our Outreach Team is getting in their steps and engaging with the communities surrounding our events. This year: 4200+ doors were knocked, 2300+ businesses were engaged, 64 community events were attended, and our materials were translated into 8 languages!
  • 13 + 65 = Did you know CicLAvia only has 13 full-time staff members working all year round to plan and execute each event? Our events would not be possible without the help of our outreach, production, and event day staff, totaling an additional 65 staff members in 2023.
  • We launched our first beer with LA Aleworks! The crisp IPA was available throughout LA, Orange, and Ventura Counties with proceeds supporting CicLAvia. We look forward to a new brew in 2024!
  • Our Street Stars attended 7 Friends of CicLAvia gatherings, where we provided lunch, networking, and socializing to our community of monthly supporters at local spots during each CicLAvia open street event. Learn more here about becoming a Street Star.

By the memories:

As the sun sets on another year, we can't help but reflect on the incredible stories that have woven themselves into the fabric of CicLAvia. Here is the year in review through the eyes of CicLAvia Street Stars (our amazing monthly donors), volunteers, small businesses, and fans:

💭 Thoughtful Throwbacks 🫶

Stephanie, a new CicLavia Street Star this year, reminisces about the food tour that led her to become a monthly supporter. “Since I was already attending the events, becoming a Street Star was a great way for me to support an organization that encourages people to get out and enjoy the city. Two standout moments for me were cycling across the new bridge in LA and riding through iconic Wilshire Blvd and the former Ambassador Hotel."

Bubba, a proud CicLAvia Street Star since 2019, reflects on his first CicLAvia in 2015. “It was the most joyous community event I had ever experienced. I ran into a few friends several times over the course of just one afternoon, the first time I ever experienced that in my six years in Los Angeles. It made this massive city I had only recently moved to suddenly feel so much smaller, safer, and friendlier.”

🙋Volunteer Vibes 🤝

Stefanie volunteered alongside members of her organization at CicLAvia—South LA. “The energy and enthusiasm of the participants, coupled with the positive impact on the community, made the event not only enjoyable but also deeply meaningful for us. Our volunteers had a wonderful time engaging with participants, supporting the event logistics, and contributing to the overall success of CicLAvia.”

🏫Small Business, BIG Impact ⬆️

Along the North Hollywood route, a local fine seafood and European products shop reported that they “had a huge increase in sales during the event.”

And during Heart of LA, a Mexican restaurant in Boyle Heights stressed the importance of events like CicLAvia, which provide much needed support to small businesses. “We would like to see this happen more often, especially since the Metro station is so close!”

🤳Socials Were Lit 🔥

“My hands were cold but my heart was warm” February 28, 2023

“Love when you guys do these. One time I got my bike tuned up for free here. It was great! This is a really great time.🤗” April 13, 2023

“It was excellent! Everyone was blown away by the experience of seeing their neighborhood utilized in this way. I heard people expressing this repeatedly, wonderful way to bring the disparate communities of Los Angeles together. 🛼🚴🏼🚴🏼‍♀️🏆🏃🏼‍♀️” June 19, 2023

“Let’s goooooooo” September 6, 2023

“Great photos 😀 what a day it was! So many happy faces 💖 thanks for making it possible 👏👏” September 18, 2023”

“Been attending Ciclavia since 2016. Thank you guys so much!!” October 10, 2023

“The BEST DAY IN LA!!!” October 16, 2023

“Thank you for these wonderful community building events! I love exploring new areas and familiar areas in a new way. 👏👏🙌” October 17, 2023

“cicLAvia is my favorite place ~ wherever it happens to be! 💜💫🛹🦽🚲🛼” December 5, 2023

We had so much fun. Loved the energy of all participants, volunteers, and those just watching from their homes/businesses. Thank you for putting this on” December 5, 2023

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Every day, we strive to enhance LA streets, fostering increased support for local businesses, active commuters, green spaces, and recreation. In 2024, CicLAvia remains dedicated to providing you with even MORE open streets and MORE miles of smiles. 

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Photo credits:

Jon Endow

Brian Feinzimer

Halline Overby

Farah Sosa

Kirk Tsonos